Before a serious illness comes, the body will cry out pain, and there will be pain in three parts of the body, don’t bear it, check it early

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Pain should be one of the most unpleasant feelings for everyone. , I’ve been hurting a lot here recently.” This sentence is on the lips, but maybe not many people really pay attention to it. Many people think that it is a small problem, and it will pass if you endure it. Indeed, it will be fine after forbearance, but the frequency of occurrence is relatively high, but you don’t know that this is your body calling for help, don’t delay it until you regret it.

You must know that serious diseases often do not happen suddenly, but are dragged out, such as malignant tumors, which are From the beginning to the end of cancer, the process is relatively long. If we can intervene in time in the early stage and control it, the results may be very different.

brushtype=”text” hm_fix=”266:565″>If there is frequent pain in the following three parts of the body, it is recommended to check it early. This may be an early warning sign of serious illness.

  • No. 1: Stomach pain< /p>

Many people will think that this is nothing more than not paying attention to keeping warm, catching a cold, or having a bad stomach, so take some painkillers when you have pain That’s it. However, there is more than one organ in the abdomen. Based on this performance alone, it may be difficult to draw conclusions so quickly. If there is a tumor in the abdominal cavity, it will also cause pain. Therefore, when there is always abdominal pain, it is recommended to check and exclude it as soon as possible.

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  • No. 2: Toothache

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    Doesn’t a toothache mean a bad tooth? No, oral health is also associated with the health of other organs, such as the cardiovascular system. Often toothache is treated as an oral disease, but the effect is not very good, it is recommended to pay attention.

    • No. 3: shoulder pain span>

    This is also a small problem in the eyes of many people, some elderly People will think that it is due to frozen shoulder, an old problem, and young people may think that it is caused by sittingtimefor a long time every day, or because of cervical spondylosis. Although these reasons are also possible, some tumors can also cause pain when they invade the surrounding tissues during the development process. The shoulder is a common place.

    So, what is the difference between pain caused by serious illness and ordinary pain?

    We can’t always go to the hospital to screen for cancer as soon as we feel pain, and over-examination is not good. In fact, these two There is a difference in the pain of patients:

    In general, if it is ordinary pain, after taking medicine or taking other measures, you can get better We also know where the pain is.

    But if it is caused by a tumor or some other serious disease, the pain is often less specific, just painful, and Longer duration too, difficult to get relief with painkillers.

    If it is the second case, but you don’t pay attention, the longer the delay, the more severe the pain may be, the further progress of the disease will be, and the golden opportunity for treatment may be missed in the end. Therefore, when there is frequent pain, it is recommended that you Don’t endure it every time, it’s not good for your mental health.

    The pain is graded, come and see you Which is the situation?

    WHO classifies it as follows:

    ①No pain

    ②Mild pain< /strong>——It usually occurs indirectly, without medication

    ③Moderate pain——Pain persists , need medication

    strong< >④Severe pain——Persistent pain that cannot be relieved without medication

    ⑤Severe pain— —The pain still persists, and it is also accompanied by abnormal blood pressure, etc.

    In summary, do not ignore the frequent pain, it is likely that the body is calling for help , If the above 3 parts of the body are always painful, it is recommended to seek medical examination as soon as possible to screen for the disease, and do not endure the pain all the time. In addition, everyone has to learn to distinguish which one is more prone to their pain, and narrow the scope, which is beneficial to the examination.