“Beautiful China, Beautiful Life” – 2022 Changyou One Summer Tourism Promotion Season kicked off

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 26 (Reporter Tao Hong) On July 26, the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Press Center jointly launched the “Beautiful China, Better Life” 2022 Summer Tour Tourism promotion season activities. The purpose of the event is to innovate and increase market supply, stimulate and guide domestic tourism market consumption, and promote the recovery and development of tourism by launching a series of new summer travel products and new routes on the premise of doing a solid job in normalized epidemic prevention and control.

The launching ceremony was innovatively carried out online, and new visual displays were implanted in the venue through Internet technology, making the ceremony site an immersive scene with traditional oriental aesthetics, showing the beauty of mountains and rivers, the beauty of humanity, and life. Beauty, expressing the beautiful experience of beauty and beauty.

The launching ceremony is divided into three chapters. In the chapter of “Beauty of Mountains and Rivers”, Ctrip released the “Beautiful China” travel itinerary, and CYTS Travel released the “Follow the train to travel” series of products. In the chapter of “Beauty of Humanities”, Sina Weibo released the “City Tour” plan, Tencent released the “Wonderful Tour of Hundred Cities Museums” plan, and CCTV’s “Zhengda Variety Show” showed and released “If you don’t see it, you don’t know, the mountains and rivers are really wonderful.” Rural tourism feature film. In the “Beauty of Life” chapter, Douyin released the “Follow the Season Travel China” promotion plan, Tongcheng Travel released the “Summer Travel Season” plan, Fliggy Travel released summer camping products, and Meituan released the “Beautiful Parent-Child Travel” plan. The event ceremony also released summer travel tips for safe travel, healthy travel, and civilized travel.

During the event, local cultural and tourism departments will also launch a series of tourism products and tourism activities with strong regional and cultural characteristics based on local actual conditions to meet the people’s tourism consumption needs; Epidemic dynamics and safety during flood season, abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, make reservations for off-peak travel, and arrange travel itineraries reasonably.