[Beautiful China·Network Media Ecology Tour] Inner Mongolia: Ten Years of Great Changes Draw a New Picture of Green Development

This article is from [CCTV];

<100%"> strong>CCTV news (reporter Peng Jun Wang Jingyuan Yu Xiaodan): The sky is bright, the wild is vast, the wind blows the grass and the grass is low to see the cattle and sheep. In summer, the Hulunbuir grassland, the river flows quietly, and the cattle and sheep are scattered in it, which is very beautiful. The beautiful pictures are a vivid portrayal of Inner Mongolia’s adherence to the concept of “ecological priority and green development”.

Create eco-tourism and walk out of a new way of green development. Inner Mongolia paints the “green” of development with the “underground color” of ecology, and strives to walk out the path of “protecting ecology and developing eco-tourism complement each other”. Manglai Gacha, Xinbarhu Right Banner, located on the banks of the Krulen River, vigorously develops eco-tourism in the mode of modern professional cooperatives, which not only allows herdsmen to eat “tourism meals”, but also refreshes the grasslands. Relying on the unique natural scenery and homestay style, Erguna focuses on industrial development and creates a new pattern of global tourism. Play the “ecological card” well, walk out of the “green road”, and turn the “lucid waters and lush mountains” into “golden mountains and silver mountains” for the people to participate in the protection and share benefits.

Develop ecological technology and create a happy and beautiful home. Create a scientific research platform, implement scientific research projects, and empower the construction of ecological civilization with scientific and technological power. Safflower’erji Forestry Bureau National S. sylvestris improved seedling base strengthens seedling breeding and tree species improvement, allowing science and technology to hold up an ecological “umbrella”. By building a “smart pasture”, Xiertala Farm and Ranch in Hulunbuir has created a new model for rural revitalization that takes into account production efficiency and ecological protection. The grassland is greener, the herdsmen are richer, and technology makes more happiness within reach.

Strengthen ecological management and restore the vitality of grasslands. Inner Mongolia has taken multiple measures to comprehensively strengthen the management of ecological and environmental protection, and scientifically promote the work of grassland ecological protection and restoration. Through comprehensive management of water ecological environment, Xin Barhu Right Banner not only solves the problem of reclaimed water discharge, but also restores life to the river. The Honghuaerji Water Conservancy Project combines water conservancy and ecology, carries out in-depth management of water sources, conserves grasslands, and improves biodiversity. Through comprehensive ecological management, a green ecological barrier has been built.

Adhere to green development, keep green mountains, green waters, and fresh air, and make the northern frontier landscape of the motherland more beautiful.