Be patient with all unresolved matters


< span>Humans are born to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and like to pursue what they like. And there is some anxiety and emotions about things that have not been resolved yet. What I want to share with you is that try to love the question itself, but also try to love the questioner. Try to connect with your body, connect with your emotions and feelings.


Be patient with any unresolved issues. Go check it out, do you feel something inside yourself? How do you feel about things you can’t do and can’t solve? Will there be annoyance and feelings of helplessness? Do you have expectations for others? Are you feeling a little lost? Do you feel a little uncomfortable? Go inside yourself and take a look.


From unresolved things, back to how you feel. Pay attention to your feelings and see the real needs behind your feelings. When you interact with people, see if you have an opinion of others? Sometimes, through the behavior of others, you can also see the deep needs behind the behavior of others.


Unresolved things may be sending you a message. When you have an issue to deal with and you find yourself unable to deal with it, emotions of anger, helplessness or loss may arise, so go see what these emotions are trying to tell you? Going back to these states, what do you think you can do? Is it possible to bring more awareness to yourself? Bring your focus back to your heart.


What do you do when you see yourself doing well? What would that feel like? Would you like it very much and be able to see your abilities. How do you feel after seeing this? Can you be aware of it all the time? Is it possible to experience this vivid experience? Whatever happens, you can experience your feelings at any time.


See your emotions, it is energy. How are you feeling so far? Do you have any new ideas about your state? Will it still be impossible to do a lot of the time? What do you do when you can’t do it? Can you experience this conflict? Can you accept this state of yourself? Does what others say or do affect you? what do you want? What are you expecting? What are you missing? Do you feel that you are not valued? Do you sometimes feel like you are being ignored? Can you go inside and see this part.