Be careful! No matter how busy you are, tell the old man about these things

Maybe because they are busy with work

Many people ignore their parents

Think about how much you are I haven’t talked to my parents for a long time

… The same

well known

for lack of love

many older people< /strong>

Easy to be deceived


Nanyang City, Henan Province Public Security Bureau Demonstration District Branch

Zaolin Police Station received a report from an old man in its jurisdiction that

she was defrauded of 2,800 yuan when she was buying vegetables in the vegetable market

I learned from the police on duty

Two women and one man cooperate with each other

falsely claiming that the old man and his son are in disaster

need to use auspicious stringed copper coins to eliminate the disaster

the old man believed it after hearing it

He spent 2,800 yuan to break the wealth and eliminate the disaster

The more the old man thought about it, the more wrong it was

So he hurriedly called the police

Zaolin police station visited and detected the platoon

locked the trajectory of two women and one man

and expanded the scope of investigation

and found that the three were still in the urban area 3 crimes committed in other jurisdictions

The police arrested the suspect who was committing fraud in a vegetable market by concatenating cases


According to the suspect’s account

the three of them have a clear division of labor

specially looking for the elderly to start with

one person randomly selects the object

one person takes the initiative to strike up a conversation and lead the way

Using the feudal superstition of the elderly

and worrying about the safety of their children

Defrauding the elderly for money

Police Alert

Feudal superstition is not credible

Do not believe in superstitions such as bankruptcy and disaster relief

Once you are deceived, report to the police in time

Older people are less receptive to new things than younger people People

and because of the single information acquisition channel

inadequate ability to distinguish information

face all kinds of new scams

more easily Trapped by lawbreakers

The picture below shows ten cases of elderly being defrauded p>

Please tell the elderly about these cases!

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Many elderly people live a lonely life of

“a lock to go out, a light to go in”

They are full of love The desire for family love

However, it is not the children who “send help in the snow” but the fraudsters

This makes their defense line easily broken

What most deceived elderly people lack is family.

Please love them more

Return often Take a look at home

Even if it’s homework

Talk about anti-fraud knowledge

Source: People’s Public Security Daily< /span>

Editor: Sheng Mengjie

Responsible editor: Wu Jing

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