Baoding Second Hospital signed a medical cooperation agreement with two central enterprise construction units

On July 21, Baoding Second Hospital held a medical cooperation signing ceremony with China Gezhouba Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Second Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. respectively. This indicates that the above-mentioned central enterprises participating in the construction will establish on-site construction safety and emergency rescue management, and the life safety and physical health of the majority of employees will be more effectively guaranteed. Li Hengzhou, assistant to the president of Baoding Second Hospital, Li Wei, director of the Reform and Development Department, and Sun Peng, deputy director of the emergency department, attended the signing ceremony.

Li Hengzhou, assistant to the president of Baoding No. 2 Hospital, said at the signing site that the two central SOEs have outstanding professional advantages at home and abroad, and the market A professional construction company with strong competitiveness, complete industrial chain and obvious brand effect, is the backbone enterprise and main force of national infrastructure construction. In the cooperation, Baoding No. 2 Hospital will give full play to the technical advantages of the top three hospitals, open a fast green channel for the employees participating in the project, so that patients can receive timely and effective treatment, and provide regular physical examinations with warm and thoughtful services to protect their health. convoy. And in the construction of Baoding to build a modern and high-quality life city, we will work closely with enterprises to bloom a new face in Baoding and make our own outstanding contributions to the acceleration.

China Gezhouba Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Baoding Urban Reconstruction Phase III Project Manager Zhao Yujun introduced that the company currently has 6 projects under construction in Baoding. The total construction area is about 1.4 million square meters. The project involves Lianchi District and Jingxiu District, of which more than 7,600 households can be resettled when the project is completed. He also said that the cooperation with Baoding No. 2 Hospital has further improved the emergency management mechanism of the project and built a long-term emergency management mechanism, which is of great significance to protect the health of employees and the safety of enterprises. Understand and establish long-term friendship and cooperation. Fu Zhengguang, deputy secretary of the third-phase project of Baoding Urban Reconstruction, wrote a poem with emotion: The joint construction of medical enterprises has opened a new chapter.

China Second Metallurgical Group Baoding Zhouzhuang Resettlement Area Project Department Deputy Safety Manager Wang Lei said that the resettlement area project construction will definitely be completed in Baoding Second Hospital Under the escort of high-quality medical services, we will actively give full play to the advantages of central enterprises, fulfill contracts as scheduled, complete construction projects with high quality, and provide more support and make greater contributions to the construction of a modern city with high quality of life.

This signing is the second after Baoding Second Hospital signed a medical cooperation agreement with China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in February 2022. Two additional central enterprise construction units. It is understood that the implementation of the three cooperation agreements will provide safety and health protection for more than 6,000 construction employees.

(Correspondent Song Yingjun, Wang Zan)

【 Source: Yanzhao Metropolis Daily Overview News]

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