August 1st Special | Ball Stone

Text | Wang Guozheng

On the desk stood a slap-sized ball, oval in shape, with a hand touching its face, as bright and clean as jade, which was very endearing. In the gap between reading and writing, I often stare at Qiu Shi, thinking a lot, and thinking a lot.

The balls come from a small island in the depths of the Bohai Sea and are given by the natives of Jiaodong. More than 40 years ago, I once guarded that sea area, leaving a five-year youth imprint, which is unforgettable. The sea and the beach, the island, the people and things on the island, have been integrated into life.

The appearance of Ball Stone is like a reunion of good friends after a long absence, which is extremely cordial.

Boulder helped me open the floodgates of memory, and in the long river of time, I looked back at the footprints of life again, the light of youth, and learned the strength to move forward.

In my spare time, I am accustomed to hiding in the study, flipping through my favorite books, and writing articles with inspiration. Sometimes I don’t read or write, just sit quietly for a while, or enjoy the paintings and calligraphy in the room, look at the tall buildings outside the window, the books and photos on the bookshelf and so on.

The ball stone stands on the side of the laptop. When reading or writing for a nap, the eyes will inadvertently fall on the ball stone, to be precise On a natural pattern.

Two-thirds of the area of ​​the ball stone is engraved with natural and clear patterns. At first glance, it looks like an endless landscape painting, with undulating peaks and scattered forests. On the upper left of its front, the wolf dog that looks like a roaring wolf, and the horses with their heads raised and hoofs raised in the lower right, look lifelike and vivid. If you look at the ball stone pattern from different angles and distances, it will produce different visual effects, which are amazing and addicting.

The balls come from the distant sea, experienced strong winds and waves, and are of hard quality.

In this city far away from the sea, in the cramped buildings, the ball stone gives people the reverie of the sea. When the will is depressed or the inspiration is exhausted, the ball stone is seen, and in contemplation, the mirage in front of you. Like a vast sea, the sky is high and the earth is wide, and the sky is clear, and the vision and chest volume are enlarged. As time passed, the ball stone in front of him seemed to be no longer an ordinary stone, but gradually showed signs of life.

In those days when the island was on guard and sentry, it is unknown whether he encountered Qiu Shi. Perhaps at that time it was still a piece of wool with sharp edges and corners. It was polished thousands of times by seawater, and it had such a round and smooth shape today. This is left over from the years and a gift from the sea.

Today’s round and smooth shape is left over by the years and a gift from the sea.

Perhaps due to the dim light, one night, in a daze, the balls on the table lost their luster. Is it unwilling? Imprisoned in a dorm room, do you miss the sea in the distance?

Day after day, I continue to read and write. With Qiu Shi on the side, the more books I read, the clearer my heart becomes, and the smoother the writing becomes.

One Point Island Dreams