Are you prone to quarrels or cold wars with your partner? One way to get back high-quality intimacy

Partner therapy is a form of psychotherapy, specifically counseling two people who are in an intimate relationship together. Couples therapy is also known as couples therapy, marital therapy when the intimate relationship is a marital relationship.

Partner therapy is effective mainly because a third perspective from an expert can help partners identify problems more quickly and guide partners to solve problems. Specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1. Help you and the TA see the crux of the problem.

When a partner has a conflict, it’s easy to have emotional outbursts and be unable to analyze the problem rationally. An independent and professional third-party perspective can keenly find the crux of the problem, stop the quarrel or cold war between two people, and guide the partner to think about the nature of the problem.

2. Help you and your TA explore emotions and the needs behind them, and guide both parties to express their needs correctly.

Speaking or acting emotionally is a common conflict between partners. For example, one party is angry because the other party often plays games and does not play with him, but simply venting his emotions will only cause the other party to resist or escape.

The counselor will help both partners explore whether the anger is behind the sadness that the other person doesn’t care enough about them, and guide the partner in learning to express this emotion properly.

3. Help you and your TA learn how to regulate your emotions.

Emotionalism is an important factor affecting the relationship. The counselor will teach two people how to independently regulate their emotions, which is conducive to their emotional health and relationship harmony.

4. Help you and your TA learn healthy communication patterns.

Affection or sarcastic remarks between partners can be very hurtful, but there is essentially a message behind them. A counselor will help couples learn to express their messages directly and reduce the impact of poor communication patterns.

5. Help you and your TA accept each other.

Wanting to change is one of the causes of conflict in a relationship, and counselors can help couples learn how to accept each other.

If you feel that you have a problem with your partner, you are prone to quarrels or cold wars, but you can’t tell what’s going on or what to do, consider trying this type of psychotherapy.

If you want to learn more about this therapy, or have doubts about psychological counseling, you can go to the Clove Doctor App to search for “partner therapy” and “psychological counseling and therapy”, and we ask psychology professionals to help Frequently Asked Questions are described in more detail.


Zhang Liuyi, Master of Clinical Psychology, Zhejiang University

Review Specialist

Chen Shulin Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Zhejiang University, Doctoral Supervisor


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