Are airlines not patriotic? Ignore the domestic C919 and spend more than 240 billion to buy foreign aircraft

July 1st is the 25th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to my country. On the evening of this day, my country Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China and Shenzhen Airlines Several airlines have successively announced that they have signed huge orders to the European aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus (Airbus for short).

Those who are concerned about Air China may be wondering: Hasn’t my country’s self-developed C919 civil aircraft already been in test flight and a series of delivery preparations are underway? Why do the four major airlines in my country still order so many A320NEO series aircraft from Europe?

In fact , which not only involves the interests of both parties involved in the transaction, but also various political, economic and cultural factors are intertwined.

Why did you suddenly buy an airplane?

From the official announcements of China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China and Shenzhen Airlines, we can learn that China Eastern Airlines has ordered 100 A320neo series aircraft from Airbus, and plans to deliver 28 in 2024 and 31 in 2025. , 34 will be delivered in 2026, and 7 will be delivered in 2027.

China Southern Airlines ordered 96 A320neo series aircraft, these 96 aircraft The prices totaled about $12.248 billion, with 30 and 40 delivered in 2024 and 2025, 19 in 2026, and the remaining seven in 2027.

Air China has reserved 64 A320neo series aircraft by 2027 Delivery in batches completed. Shenzhen Airlines has ordered 32 aircraft of the same series from Airbus, which are scheduled to be delivered within two years from 2024 to 2026.

At a time when the global epidemic is serious and the economies of all countries are operating in a bleak situation, In addition to the interests of Chinese and European airlines, there are three reasons for my country’s large-scale purchase of aircraft from foreign countries. They are based on national interests and aviation safety.

Political factors

The current situation around the world emerges one after another. The East and the West each have their own development plans. The current situation will inevitably affect the currency circulation of various countries.

Whether it is in the last century or up to now, the western countries have been trying to interrupt the transaction of the socialist countries headed by my country and Russia, and tried their best to hinder our development from all aspects. There is a Sino-US trade war, and not long ago, Western countries decided to impose “sanctions” on Russia.

When other capitalist countries responded to this decision, as ” my country, a “brother country”, is still on good terms with Russia, and it also buys a large number of Russian unsalable products within its capacity.

Of course, we are a country of moderation and always treat every diplomatic country fairly. Therefore, while maintaining normal diplomatic relations with Russia, my country still conducts normal international exchanges with Western countries.

This time, the ordering of large quantities of aircraft from Airbus in Europe is based on the national interest as the starting point and destination, but at a deeper level, this transaction can also be regarded as a potential appeasement to Western countries. It has the meaning of “slap you and give you a candy”.

Economic factors

The impact of the epidemic has caused the global economy to be in a sluggish state. my country is far ahead of other countries in epidemic prevention and control, so the speed of economic recovery is also faster than other countries. many.

While European countries have always been led by the United States, this time the new crown makes the The United States is too busy to take care of itself, and it can be said that the development of European countries is left to fend for itself. And China has strengthened the control of international trade out of the consideration of strictly controlling the epidemic. Because of the United States, Europe has long been disgusted with Russia, losing the two major international markets of China and Russia, and the economy of European countries can no longer be as stable as before. and prosperous development.

Just when European countries are racking their brains for economic development, my country has delivered such a large olive branch to them, not because my country has “a lot of money for national goodness”.

The U.S. 301 tariff incident against China and the Huawei 5G incident are still fresh in our minds. Whether before or after the outbreak, the U.S. has been trying to impose sanctions on China by increasing tariffs and blindly deceiving China, hindering China’s development , but my country’s strong international strength has not let the wolf ambitions of the United States succeed every time.

In the current international environment where the new crown is not yet settled and Russia and Ukraine are at war again Now, my country has decisively made transactions of up to 100 billion with the European Airbus company instead of the US Boeing company. Establish friendly cooperation and development relations in Europe.

Safety reasons

Over the years, everyone must know how many aircraft accidents have occurred with Boeing’s aircraft. 370 and the recent Boeing 737 incident of China Eastern Airlines, how many Chinese families lost their lives in these two planes. On the basis of the same performance and price, the European Airbus, which has fewer flight accidents, is bound to have more accidents than in recent years. The frequent American Boeing Company has a much wider market.

facts The same is true. For a long time, the global aircraft market has been monopolized by Boeing and Airbus. However, due to the frequent accidents of Boeing aircraft, Airbus has surpassed Boeing in delivery orders in the past three years and is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. The global market share is 45%, which is 2% more than Boeing. Last year, Airbus delivered a total of 611 aircraft a year, while Boeing received only 340 orders.

This time four According to the 2020 Airbus price list, China Eastern Airlines needs to pay 12.796 billion US dollars for this transaction, China Southern Airlines has an order of 12.248 billion US dollars, and Air China and Shenzhen Airlines have a total order price of 12.213 billion US dollars. US dollars.

The total order price of the four airlines is 37.257 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 240 billion yuan. Even if it seems to be hundreds of billions, in fact, this transaction European Airbus has given Chinese companies Larger discounts, so the actual price paid is much lower than the Airbus price list in 2020.

Why not buy a domestic aircraft?

As mentioned before, China’s aviation industry is now fully occupying the market, why do we not buy domestic aircraft, but spend huge sums of money to buy European Airbus aircraft?

As one of the world’s two largest aircraft manufacturing giants, Boeing, as early as the 1950s and 1960s, When the country was still looking for a way to occupy the air field, Boeing of the United States had long waited for the opportunity to launch its own products. At that time, Boeing’s first civil airliner, the Boeing 707, quickly occupied the global market as soon as it was launched, and was greatly recognized by the international community.

Boeing has grown to the present, and various indicators and technologies have already matured. If it were not for the frequent aircraft accidents in recent years, Boeing’s sales volume should still occupy the first place in the world.

And European Airbus can be said to be a constant duty The developed company has become the world’s two largest aircraft manufacturing giants alongside Boeing. Its aircraft manufacturing technology is undoubtedly quite mature, but Boeing was established in 1916, while Airbus, which was established in France in 1970, was late. Boeing has been in business for 54 years. In the past 54 years, Boeing has long dominated the market and has almost occupied the market.

Airbus can achieve today’s achievements, it can only be said that its international status is determined by its better aircraft quality and better market attitude than Boeing.

Although the technology of my country’s aircraft manufacturing industry has risen sharply, compared to the two giants Airbus and Boeing, our technology is still lacking. Of course, my country’s domestic large aircraft C919 adopts the most advanced technology and materials in terms of design technology and anti-risk ability. Introduced as commercial.

On the premise of having good quality, with our country’s recent The image of a “conscience merchant” that has been established for various countries over the years, after the official launch, delivery and operation of the C919, will there be less buyers? Moreover, before the official launch of the C919 in 2018, my country has already received 815 orders from 28 users at home and abroad.

For another way of thinking, my country’s airlines buy planes independently developed by my country, just like our own people buy things from their own stores. The current international situation is so complicated, and both the US dollar and the euro exist. Extremely unstable phenomenon, my country took this opportunity to throw out the fluctuating dollar, that is, throwing out the hot potato in its hand.

In addition, Airbus has given us a huge discount, which can not only save a lot of money while buying high-quality aircraft, but also give the United States a “slaughter” while throwing dollars. It’s a multi-pronged effort.


Our country is all over the country They are all patriots, not to mention large multinational companies such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China and Shenzhen Airlines, no one does not want their domestic aircraft to spread all over the world.

But we can’t directly classify any behavior that seems unfavorable to the country as unpatriotic behavior. Our country has been making progress, and we must also know that our technology in aircraft manufacturing is indeed true. There are some deficiencies, and such a large order cannot avoid our government.

I made this decision after having a clear understanding of myself and taking into account multiple factors such as politics and economy. Our motherland and the four major airlines can be described as “three people, there must be me” “Teacher Yan” has been implemented into practice. Compared with some countries that refuse to recognize the excellence of other countries and try to hinder their development, this is the true demeanor of a great country!