Anyu Dental Implant Hospital was expanded and opened, and the Anyu Guardian Program was officially launched

Cover reporter Zeng Ya

April 19 is the 99-year-old birthday of Mr. Chen Anyu, the “Founder of Oral Implantation in China”. In 1991, Mr. Chen Anyu founded the Oral Implantation Center of the Ministry of Health. Over the years, from the Oral Implantation Center of the Ministry of Health to the Huaxi Dental Implant Hospital, to today’s Anyu Dental Implant Hospital, no matter how the name of the hospital changes, the dental implant hospital is still the “birthplace of Chinese dental implantation” located on the Huaxi Dam in Chengdu. On the same day, the Dental Implant Hospital held an expansion and opening ceremony with the theme of “Deeply Rooted Teeth, Lasting New”, and launched the “Anyu Guardian Program” to serve new and old patients. Professor Chen Anyu’s family and his first batch of doctoral students are also Wang Shao’an, Gong Ping, the first batch of doctors of Chinese Oral Implantology, and the first batch of colleagues of the An Yu Guardian Program attended the ceremony.

As the first stomatology hospital with artificial dental implant technology as the core, professional, high-quality and assured medical quality Let “West China Dental Implant”, the medical business card of Sichuan Province, last forever. For more than 30 years, the hospital has been adhering to the concept of “all patient-centered”, advocated green medical care, and created a unique minimally invasive implantology. It has a team of experts led by many Huaxi professors, and has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience. , has completed implant denture restoration for tens of thousands of patients with lost teeth at home and abroad, and has implanted more than 300,000 artificial implants. The implant technology has always been at the leading level in China. The hospital has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and has become a clinical base for oral implantation technology of the “National Biomedical Materials Engineering Center”.

On the same day, Prof. Wu Dayi, a disciple of Prof. Chen Anyu, invited his classmates, Prof. Gong Ping, Dean of West China Stomatological Hospital, Prof. Zheng Guangning, and Wang Shaoan Dr. and more than ten colleagues of the Anyu Guardian Program visited the Anyu Cultural and Historical Museum, which represents the “development history of dental implants in China”. From 1991 to 2022, each photo is a condensed history and a spirit inheritance. Looking back at the past, looking ahead, remembering Mr. An Yu’s struggle history, taking on the historical mission, and drawing forward strength from the past struggle history. The guests shared the theme of “Rooting in the West China Dream and Talking About Anyu’s Love”. While commemorating and remembering Professor Chen Anyu and his outstanding contributions, they talked about the development and future of dental implantology in China.

As the place where Mr. Chen Anyu fought in the past, Anyu Dental Implant Hospital should take on the role of pioneering and leading Chinese dental implants, not forgetting the original intention, and going far; the medical talents of the hospital should inherit and carry forward the old A generation of experts has the excellent quality of serving the motherland and the people, and cherishing the “big man of the country”. Establish the ambition of daring to create, strive to achieve more breakthroughs from “0 to 1”, and continue to enter the breadth and depth of oral implant technology; use more professional and higher quality medical technology to serve more people in need.

The master studio, Southwest Eedentia Center, and Digital Orthodontics Center, the first to be built by the hospital, have all been completed, bringing together a number of dental implantology, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontal Senior medical experts and young backbone physicians with over 30 years of experience in multiple disciplines such as disease, temporomandibular joint and jaw, geriatric dentistry, oral radiology, anesthesiology and CAD/CAM technology form the “Dental Implant Expert Team” , through the multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment model (MDT), accurately locate the direction and angle of inclined implant placement, minimize surgical errors, and effectively avoid damage to important anatomical structures. Provide safe and efficient one-stop high-end diagnosis and treatment services for patients who are completely edentulous or nearly edentulous due to periodontal disease.

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