[Anti-drug knowledge] Tolerating drug use | You are breaking the law even if you watch from the side!

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The topic I bring to you today is

“Drug Abuse”

In layman’s terms:

“I’m just watching”

“I didn’t participate”

“Why arrest me”

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Let’s learn more

Why did I get “caught” if I didn’t “participate”!

Does everyone have a certain understanding of “retention of drug abuse”


If there are classmates and friends around who are taking drugs,

We can’t just ignore it, let it go!

To allow others to take drugs is definitely not a “honesty”!

Not only will friends fall into the abyss of drugs, but

< p data-track="20">Also label themselves illegal and criminal.

Finally, please remember:

Don’t drink drugs, don’t make drug friends.

Cherish life and stay away from drugs!

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