Announcement of Guanxian County to urgently find related personnel of close contacts

On April 17, 2022, the Guanxian CDC received a work order for assistance from outside the province, informing that there was a confirmed case in Shanghai, Dong Moubin, on April 11. At 10:24 a.m. on Sunday, Zhao Mouwen, who was on the 08th carriage of the G7590 train, was in our county. Zhao Mouwen was sentenced to be a close contact.

After receiving the letter, Guan County immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and immediately carried out an epidemiological investigation, relevant Personnel screening, key site management and control, environmental disinfection, disinfection and other prevention and control work. In order to further do a good job in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Guanxian County, and realize the management and isolation, the track of the activities of close contacts is now announced as follows:

Zhao Moumou took G7590 train 08 caron April 11 and was sentenced to be close After contacting the contact, take Z106 train 13 carriage 095 seats at 4:47 on April 12, arrive at 8:18 Jinan Station. Take a taxi near Jinan Station (license plate, driver information is unknown) and arrive at 12:00 noon on the 12thDongchangfu District West Bus Station Nearby, take a taxi (cash payment, vehicle information unknown) to the bus terminal, and be fixed at 13:00 Liaocheng Bus Terminal (Near the base station of Lunan Industrial School) until about 8:40 am on the 13th.

April 13 at around 8:54 a.m.Lu PG1189 bus viaLiaocheng Railway Station Near West Bus Station, then go all the way westpass Shaolin Martial Arts School, Daokoupu, Tangyi, Majiahe Forest Farm< /span>Enter the territory of Guanxian County, and get off at Dingyuanzhai Town at around 9:33 for 2 people, 9:40 Get off at Jiazhen Bridge for 2 people, and go north along Gansang Road in Jiazhen at 9:44 at Get off at Pangtian Village for 1 person, and get off at about 10:10 at 3 people at Gantun Town, and then go west along Hauma Road, and get off at 10:17 at Qingshui Road East for 1 personOne person gets on the bus at the west of the intersection, and arrives at Beitao Town at about 10:30, and gets off for two people, at about 11:00 Beijing Taozhen Hospitalnucleic acid test, arrived at about 11:40 Beijing Taozhen Xiao Urban Village.

April 14 at 11:57 am, go to Dongcheng Ancient Town Linzhuang TilesAfter watching the tiles, go to Zhanyu Restaurant for dinner, arrive at 14:00 Xiaocheng. At 14:50, go to Xingquan Professional Water and Electric Heating Installation to ask about putty powder.

April 15th at 6:30 am, to Xuzhuang Xinxiu SupermarketShopping.

April 16, 8:29am-11:23am at Beijing Taozhen Hospitalseeing a doctor, during the period to Tianzi stylinghaircut, later Go to Xibaida after-sales service at the intersection of Tao Town, Beiguan and Tao Town to repair the water dispenser. 15:36 go to Beijing Tao Town Government Street Dongtou Dongguan Tile Sales Office, then go to Hongfeng Lamps, and finally went to Xuzhuang Xinxiu Supermarket to buy putty powder.

Please visit relevant key areas and places during the above time period, or all personnel that overlap with the track of close contact activities , report to the local community (village) and county headquarters office as soon as possible, and actively cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing and corresponding prevention and control measures. If it is concealed and not reported, once serious consequences are caused, corresponding legal responsibilities will be borne.

Please pay attention to the authoritative information released by the public, do not believe or spread rumors, and actively support and cooperate with the epidemic Prevention and control work, actively inoculate the new crown vaccine, improve personal protection awareness, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate often, gather less, use public chopsticks, maintain a safe social distance, consciously abide by relevant regulations at all times, and jointly build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control.

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April 18, 2022

Source: Guanxian Fusion Media