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Click the blue text above to follow usThrombocytopenia is the most common blood disease in China. But compared to other common diseases, it is often little known. At this time, patients often have some problems with poor curative effect, repeated disease, and excessive treatment. For this reason, regarding thrombocytopenia, it is necessary for us to understand certain common sense of treatment and nursing in case of emergency.


definition Features

Thrombocytopenia (ITP)Yes Refers to the abnormal decrease in the number of platelets in the peripheral blood, which causes the body’s coagulation dysfunction. The symptoms we can see are generally various bleeding. During the diagnosis, the patient’s medical history will be carefully asked, such as infection, medication, poisoning, and whether there is a history of bleeding. History of lupus erythematosus; further examination of liver and gallbladder B-ultrasound, liver function, coagulation function and so on. Aplastic anemia, leukemia and other blood diseases can cause thrombocytopenia.



At present, hormone drugs, immunosuppressants, splenectomy and other treatments are commonly used in western medicine. Although the effects are remarkable, they have serious side effects and are prone to repeated attacks. The therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively slow, but it can stably improve platelets, which is complementary to western medicine.It is recommended to use the two in combination. In addition, it should be noted that the treatment should comprehensively consider factors such as bleeding risk, efficacy, drug side effects, and patient compliance. According to the patient’s condition, the appropriate personalized treatment plan can be selected, which can not only ensure the curative effect, but also minimize the side effects. Not necessaryExcessive treatment to control platelet counts.

3 Nursing

Always closely monitor thrombocytopenia to avoid major bleeding. Patients with platelets below 20 should strengthen exercise, and at the same time pay attention to protect the head and eyesight to avoid injury. In the case of insufficient platelets, invasive treatment should be avoided as much as possible, and hard, long-fiber foods should not be eaten, so as to prevent infection. If a patient with ITP develops severe headache, vomiting, vision loss, convulsions, disturbance of consciousness, etc. Take immediate action. The above is the whole content of the article. >, if this article helps you, please click “watching” or forward the article to benefit others!

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