All diseases originate from tendons! Teach you the secret method of ancestral tradition, adjust the whole body with both hands, improve neck, shoulder, tinnitus, joint pain, etc.

No tools, no need to feel the pulse, no need to memorize the acupoints and meridians,Just touch it with your hands to know where the problem is. Does such technology really exist? There really is, that is——Mobility of bones and muscles, span>Use the hand as a “diagnostic instrument” to touch the body (palpation), look for stiffness, swelling visible and palpable. After touching it, you don’t need to stick the needle to boil the medicine, just knead it according to specific four fingering techniquespress span>, repeat the operation until the tendons become softer and smaller, and the qi and blood flow are restored, and the pain will naturally disappear. Even if you have no basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, you can also learn and practice with the teacher to relieve pain.

Gentle technique~

Learn this technique, anytime, anywhere, even on the kang You can use hands instead of needles, use both handsUnblock and repair the meridian and tendon channels of the human body, mobilize qi and blood throughout the body, regulate the internal organs, enhance resistance, improve body pain and other problems. Now is your chance! Approved by Mr. Li Xiuya, the fifth-generation inheritor of Mogu Tongjin, offer 200 free places, Be the first to experience the “0 Basic Learning” public welfare class, on a first-come, first-served basis. Now as long as you add WeChat Assistant, you can freetrial lesson, < /span>You can learn by turning on your phone, I’m really sorry if you don’t try it!

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