All diseases belong to the spleen, and the cheap and easy-to-use ginseng Guipi pills can also treat these 8 diseases

Hello, everyone, I am Dr. Qu, and all diseases come from the spleen. The spleen is the source of biochemical qi and blood. If the spleen is not good, the body will be in a variety of conditions. The cheap and easy-to-use Ginseng Guipi Pills can be used for insomnia, dreaminess, palpitation and palpitation caused by deficiency of both heart and spleen, but do you know? Ginseng Guipi Pills can also treat these 8 diseases, did you know?

First,Gastritis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, I always feel a dull pain in my stomach, sometimes I have a stomachache when I am hungry, sometimes I have a stomachache after eating, and in severe cases, I also have vomiting and diarrhea. Hiccups and acid regurgitation are more serious, and the whole body is lacklustre. This is mostly caused by spleen deficiency and Qi deficiency. You can refer to Ginseng Guipi Wan.

The second type, Insomnia and more dreams , easy to wake up in the middle of the night, lying on the bed at night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, finally falling asleep and always dreaming, or finally falling asleep and being awakened by a sound, unable to fall asleep, or After waking up, I feel tired all over. This is mostly due to deficiency of the heart and spleen. The blood cannot nourish our brain and stabilize our mind. At this time, you can also refer to Ginseng Guipi Wan .

The third type is caused by spleen deficiency Blood in the stool, metrorrhagia, many people will have blood in the stool when they defecate, women will have a lot of blood during menstruation, and it is also accompanied by bleeding gums, and inexplicable bruises on the body , dizziness and other symptoms, the color of the tongue is relatively light, and the tongue coating is less, this is mostly because the spleen does not control the blood, you can refer to Ginseng Guipi Pills.

The fourth type,< strong>Lack of energy, loss of appetite, I always feel sluggish, have no energy, no appetite, can’t eat, bloating and abdominal pain after eating a little, etc. This is mostly because of the spleen and stomach Deficiency, caused by reduced ability to transport and transform, you can refer to Ginseng Guipi Pills.

The fifth, Premature gray hair, I have not yet reached the age of long white hair, but there are a lot of white hair on my head, and my complexion is not good. It is not caused by hair. At this time, you can refer to Ginseng Jianpi Pills to invigorate the spleen, nourish the heart and nourish the blood.

The sixth type, dizziness and tinnitus, often Feeling dizziness and tinnitus, especially when you get up in the morning, and it is more obvious after you are tired or before going to bed at night. You feel depressed and don’t want to move. .

The seventh type,Arrhythmia, I always feel my heart beating faster, I can obviously hear my own heartbeat, and I feel flustered, I feel very uneasy, and I feel dull, dry mouth, Dizziness and pale complexion are mostly caused by the lack of timely biochemistry of Qi and blood due to spleen deficiency, and the heart cannot receive blood support. At this time, you can refer to Ginseng Guipi Pills.

The eighth type,Memory loss, forgetfulness, often forgetting things, things that I was still thinking about a second ago, but I forgot what to do when I turned around, even when I opened my mouth, I forgot, and usually accompanied by Symptoms such as weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, and loose stools are mostly due to insufficient temper, which cannot promote the circulation of blood and nourish the brain. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the spleen and replenish qi. You can refer to Ginseng Guipi Pills.

Okay, the above is the content shared today, Have you learned it?