alert! Foshan woman suffered from dysmenorrhea for 15 days a month for three consecutive years. It turned out to be a disease!

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“Women have Menstrual cramps for 15 days and thought it was okay”

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Recently, Foshan, Guangdong. Ms. Lu felt a tearing pain in her right lower quadrant and groin every month with dysmenorrhea. It took about 15 days for each dysmenorrhea to be completely relieved. But just a few days later, the next menstrual period came again, and it continued to get worse every three years.

Ms. Lu thought it was a normal reaction to menstruation and chose to endure it. She was not diagnosed with inguinal endometriosis until the menstrual pain aggravated and was sent to Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital by her family. Endometriosis disease. After being admitted to the hospital, the doctor performed surgery for her, and Ms. Lu has recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

Source: Foshan TV