Aier Ophthalmology Navigation-Assisted Endoscopic Successful Removal of Orbital Apex Tumor

Recently, Yuan Hongfeng, the vice president of Aier Ophthalmology Chongqing Special Economic Zone, used the surgical navigation and positioning system to successfully remove the tumor located at the junction of the orbital tip and the cranial brain through the nasal cavity, and the surrounding tissue was tightly compressing the optic nerve. .

It is understood that the patient is a 78-year-old man who accidentally discovered a tumor hidden behind the eyeball of his left eye after a head CT scan. This tumor grows in the apex of the orbit, and the orbital apex is the part where all blood vessels, nerves and muscles that control the function of the eye are concentrated, including the optic nerve, oculomotor nerve, abducens nerve, etc. The extremely narrow “cone” makes the operation extremely difficult and risky.

Surgery in progress. Photo courtesy of the General Hospital of Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital

How to minimize the surgical risk and completely remove the tumor is the biggest challenge in orbital apex tumor surgery. According to Yuan Hongfeng, if the traditional method is used, the lateral Open orbital apex tumor resection, the risk of blindness is at least 50% or more, and the lateral orbital wall needs to be sawed with the power system, which is too traumatic for the 78-year-old patient, and the method of craniotomy is used to remove the tumor more trauma. Therefore, the operation uses an endoscope to remove the orbital tumor from the nasal cavity. The operation is not performed on the face or intracranial. Instead, the endoscope and minimally invasive surgical instruments are inserted through the nostril to open the medial wall of the orbital apex. The tumor was completely removed. The visual acuity of the patient’s left eye was not damaged after surgery, and the visual acuity of 0.3 was preserved as before, and the eye movements were normal. (Contributed by the General Hospital of Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital)

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