After running to lose weight, what else did I gain?

Persistent running has given me a new understanding of life and the world. (Zhang Meijie/Photo)

In 2022, this is my sixth year of running. Besides eating, sleeping, and working, running is the longest thing I have done.

Thinking of the pain and suffering at the beginning, and the enjoyment now, smiles on my face and pain in my heart. I am very grateful for the thrilling medical check-up sheet six years ago. In losing weight or taking medicine, I chose to lose weight, and this decision was made after thinking about it for a day. I wanted to give myself a chance, a chance to reopen myself.

The next day, I stood blankly on the playground, not knowing how to start. An aunt who was walking passed me, and I asked casually, “Auntie, can I lose weight by walking?” The aunt answered firmly, “Yes, I can lose weight!” It was her words that made me no longer hesitate. , took the first step forward in his sports career.

I will never forget how I felt after my first workout. I walked for 30 minutes that day. After that, I collapsed on the sofa exhausted and couldn’t move. Now I think about how weak I was back then. The next day, I showed up on the playground again, limping home with the wrong shoe and a frayed heel. On the third day, I arrived again as scheduled. On the fourth and fifth day… Not satisfied with the circle around the playground, I walked to the landscape road by the canal, and started running with the distance between the trees as the goal. If you don’t move, go, if you feel comfortable, run again. Throughout the summer of 2016, I chased bridge after bridge over the canal, but 42.195 kilometers was still a distant dream for me.

So, what are the requirements for running 42.195 kilometers? It requires abundant physical strength and strong cardiopulmonary function to continue the entire running process, and firm perseverance can be converted into a new force that continues to disappear. What’s the point of running 42.195 kilometers? For runners, 42.195 seems to be a milestone, a belief, just like Tibet in the eyes of tourists and Mount Everest in the hearts of climbers. 42.195 is a challenge to the ego, both physically and mentally. Every step from 42.195 to 42.195 is indispensable, every step is equal, the excitement and pleasure at the start, the leisurely self-satisfaction in the first half and the final pain and patience give birth to the meaning of 42.195 kilometers. The meaning is sublimated into a spirit, a kind of temperament that is exclusive to you, after integrating the sensory experience of every step in the whole journey.

It is said that life is like a marathon, and I would say that running a marathon is much easier than living a life. Of course, running a marathon is not the purpose of my running. I just met marathon, cross-country, cycling, and swimming along the way. These have accompanied me to spend one free, free and happy time after another. The clips also let me see different scenery of cities, mountains and countryside again and again.

When circling along the winding mountain road from the city to the top of the mountain, the bare branches are dotted with sporadic greens, and then join together to form a dome, which is the separation of human society and nature Line, and since then the sound of the city has disappeared, and what follows is the deep silence of the mountain. At the beginning of the sunset, when the silent brilliance of the mountains shines through the sparse branches, every bump on the ground is reflected brilliantly.

I have seen the rhododendrons on the slopes, the flowing clouds on the top of the mountain, the gorgeous sunset glow, the sound of the falling mountain springs, the autumn wind blowing through the mountains, and the scenery under the TV tower. Little yellow cat… These elements make my life no longer monotonous.

To say what running has given me, through 6 years of persistence, I lost 30 pounds, although it is a bit slow, but I have been on the way forward, it is as simple as adding one step at a time Moving forward, the distance is not far.

Now, what I want to do most is how to apply my running state and spirit to my life and work. My insignificance in the face of high mountains, the firmness that I do not want to give up, the determination to endure the pain, the courage I muster up in the face of danger, the courage to take on challenges, the determination to believe in myself, and burn out the last bit of physical strength The belief of post-rebirth, the loneliness of walking alone in the dark… These precious qualities are hard to find in my ordinary life. I hope that when faced with confusion in life, I will choose, I can endure hardship, I can Persevere and climb to the top of your ideal.

I am running, on ordinary roads, in the passage of life, I do not know where and when the end is, none of these matters. The important thing is to “love the process”, this is what Shi Tiesheng said, love every step on the road of life, and the front of each step is the same infinite – infinite difficulties and infinite wonderful possibilities.

I am lucky to meet running.

(The author is a staff member in Wuxi, Jiangsu)

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Zhang Meijie