After reading “Long Bridge’s Dream”

When I first read “The Last Dreams of the Covered Bridge”, I was still very young, and I just thought the title was beautiful, so I was attracted.

Covered Bridge is an ancient bridge. There are bushes full of pansies, and hundreds of country lanes. The love between the hero and heroine in the story begins here, and it is here that they meet again after death.

The reason why the novel is touching and beautiful lies in the fact that in today’s world where the promise of a thousand gold is broken at will, and love is just a show, we have seen the sincerity and persistence of the hero and heroine’s feelings, as well as living in an ordinary world. The repressed individual expression of each individual in family life. A beautiful extramarital affair comforted those men and women who were kidnapped by their marriage life and lost their ego because of the firewood, rice, oil and salt.

If “The Last Dreams of the Covered Bridge” is a simple story of extramarital affairs, I believe that many readers who have read this book will not agree. Because this love is far more complicated and simpler than extramarital affairs, so much so that it goes beyond the secular definition of love and beyond what secular morality can criticize.

Perhaps in a materialistic society, true love is rare, so the story takes place before 1965. A small barren covered bridge will Two unfamiliar men and women are linked together. The heroine Francesca, a married woman and a mother of two children, is a traditional housewife with a heart that yearns for freedom. She meets Robert, a free-spirited geographic photographer. Know each other, in just four days, completely in love with each other.

In the novel, Francesca’s derailment is a revolt against the bland and boring life. She resisted, but she did not lose her mind because of true love, but chose when her love was dark and dark. Family responsibility, keep each other’s beauty in the heart forever, until death. Francesca has her own values. When she is alive, she dedicates her whole life to her family, and she will never be separated from her beloved after death.

He, like her, had known each other for four days, but fell in love with each other for half of his life, and missed him for half of his life, until the end of his life. Twenty-two years later, at the end of Robert’s life, he took all the memories that were closely related to that small town, took a letter and sent it to Francesca, requesting that his ashes be scattered under the covered bridge, I can’t be with you in life, I hope to be with you after death.

“Covered Bridge Last Dreams” was made into a movie in the 1990s and won the Academy Award. After the movie was released, it once caused a wave of divorces, which shows that it has a great influence. The love between the hero and heroine of the story is beautiful, but I have to admit that it is regret between them that magnifies the beauty, and a short period of time achieves eternity. As said in the book, each of us lives in our own past, people will spend a minute to know someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to fall in love with someone, to In the end, it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

How to comment?

“Covered Bridge’s Last Dreams” is not a superficial extramarital affair, nor is it a black-and-white right or wrong. The readers are moved because we see the reality from it, experience the conflict between responsibility and freedom, and see ourselves in life.

When a person chooses to get married and have children, on the one hand, it is the beginning of a life, but on the other hand, it is also an end. You gain something and you lose something. Your child can grow, but you will grow old. Every adult in marriage is cut into pieces of social responsibility, living as parents, children, husbands or wives of others, not for themselves alone. They can have family and friendship, but they can’t have the yearning for love. How many people are living in a dull life, and they don’t even dare to sigh, just trying to live a life that looks right. The reason why people hate to read “Land Dreams of Covered Bridges” is because thousands of ordinary people have found themselves in the book. In real life, every family also has its secrets. If you dig deep Going down, almost everyone has his own story, and the complexity of human nature lies in this.

The reason why a classic becomes a classic is that no matter how many years later, people can still think about it and guide people’s real life. We cherish these fine literary works, which are full of poetry and aesthetically pleasing.

The love between men and women is an eternal thing in the world. Love is a sweet passion and a heartache that cannot be erased. The unforgettable and beautiful love in the last dream of the covered bridge makes people believe that only love can last for a long time.

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