After getting up in the morning, 8 small tricks will make you lose 10 pounds more

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A year’s plan is in the spring, and a day’s plan is in the morning.

If you want to lose weight, start as soon as possible.

If you want to lose weight fast, morning is the key.

Today, I will summarize some of the a few coupes after waking up to speed up your fat burning.

1. Get up early to exercise on an empty stomach.

After a night of fasting, blood sugar is exhausted. If you increase fasting exercise, you can accelerate fat burning and make it easier for you to burn stubborn abdominal fat.

Fasting exercise is a real fat-burning artifact. If you want to lose belly, you must try getting up early and fasting exercise.

2. Practice meditation, mindfulness, relax yourself

If you don’t like getting up early and exercising, find a quiet place, sit down, and practice meditation.

Meditation can relax the mood of the day, and can also make you more self-control, less anxious, and emotionally stable.

3. Get up early to get some sunshine

The sun in the morning is safer. When your shadow is twice the length of your body, proper sun exposure will help you lose weight.

The benefits of sun exposure can help boost nitric oxide levels and boost your metabolism.

It can also increase vitamin D levels, increase serotonin, and stabilize your mood, so you don’t feel hungry in the morning and have a stable mood throughout the day.

4. Have a glass of apple cider vinegar water

If you are not thirsty, you can temporarily stop drinking water. Dry fasting can make it easier for you to enter autophagy.

If you’re thirsty, drink a cup of apple cider vinegar first, which will help your metabolism because it activates AMPK.

Apple cider vinegar can also help with blood sugar problems and insulin sensitivity.

5. Have a cup of black coffee

Getting up early is a little gassy because cortisol levels are high, which are responsible for waking you up.

Sleepless friends, have a cup of black coffee to sweep away the haze of not waking up. Coffee can also speed up your fat burning.

Of course not everyone is comfortable drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it depends on your coffee tolerance.

6. Prepare a healthy lunch

If you get up early, you can prepare something for a healthy lunch. People who eat takeout every day will not lose weight.

Because it’s so delicious outside, it can make you addicted and make you eat too much. After eating takeaway at noon, it’s easy to get hungry at night.

Noon meal suggestion for weight loss: prepare a avocado, a little smoked salmon, a box of sugar-free yogurt >, a box of natto, 1-2 eggs, remember to wait until you are hungry before eating.

Remember, the easy you eat, the easier it is to lose weight.

7. Take a walk and go to work

Many people have stopped exercising, driving to and from get off work every day, depriving them of the opportunity to walk.

Walking on the shaded road and breathing the fresh air in the early morning sun is a great way to soothe your emotions and start a healthy and happy day.

Waking up early and walking doesn’t just burn calories, it makes you happier, increases happiness, and basks in the sun.

8. Have a late breakfast or a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is not a necessity. If you want to eat it, it is recommended to eat it later. Never force yourself to eat breakfast.

If you want to eat, it is recommended to choose a healthy breakfast, such as:

Two eggs, a cup of unsweetened yogurt, black coffee with some MCT oil to help burn fat.

Key Thin Dragon Says

After waking up in the morning, cortisol levels are high, and we need to relieve stress and wake up the body to keep it in a fat-burning state.

Appropriate exercise, walking, meditation, and sunlight can relieve stress and start a sunny day.

To accelerate fat burning, it is recommended to starve yourself for a few hours in the morning before eating breakfast.

Finally, to summarize, the 2 behaviors that make you fat most in the morning.

1. Force yourself to eat breakfast

After getting up in the morning, eat even if you are not hungry, because you are afraid of growing stones.

Morning is the best time to burn fat. If you eat too early, it will directly affect the body to burn fat. Eating even when you are not hungry is the most effective way to prevent weight loss.

2. Eat a high-carb breakfast

This can make you hungry and ride the blood sugar roller coaster every day, leading to low blood sugar.

Baozi, fried dough sticks, rice noodles, rice noodles, Roujiamo, these foods are the biggest stumbling blocks for weight loss. You eat these foods and you will starve to death all day. , it is easy to overeat.

So, eating carbs early is bad advice.