After completing these popular projects during the National Day, can you still go out to play?

Looking for the stars, looking forward to the moon, everyone is finally looking forward to the seven-day holiday. Many people will take advantage of this holiday to do some medical and beauty projects. After all, there are special promotions on National Day and the weather is cooler. After you’re done, you can just lie down and recover.

Of course, there are also people who want to do medical aesthetics and go out for a visit. For example, as an international tourist city in Xiamen, it seems a little unreasonable not to take the opportunity to go out and play after doing a full-scale cosmetic project.

In fact, this is not impossible. In terms of the length of the recovery period for medical beauty projects, it is naturally skin beauty category < micro plastic surgery category < plastic surgery category. It will affect travel, but some problems still need to be paid attention to and make arrangements.

·Skin Beauty:

Most skin beauty treatments are non-invasive treatments, but some treatments will break the skin, so there may be some traces in the early stage after treatment, which requires a certain recovery period, such as pores that are very popular. , Acne nemesis – CO2 fractional laser, micro-needle treatment.

fractional laser It emits multiple hair-thin laser beams through the skin barrier and reaches the dermis layer, stimulates fibroblasts to generate a large amount of collagen through heat, which can increase skin elasticity, Tighten pores, improve acne pits, and make skin softer.

Immediately after fractional laser treatment, you can see that there will be some neatly arranged pixel-like white dots on the skin surface, and the skin between the dots is intact.

▼Immediate response to fractional laser treatment

▼Skin after fractional laser treatment in microscopic state

Scabs will turn dark brown for a few days after treatment, and your face will look a little dark, but don’t worry, these small scabs will fall off. Do not touch the water until the scabs completely fall off. Don’t pick them, just let them fall off naturally.

▼After fractional laser treatment of scars

With some non-invasive, non-invasive skin-lifting anti-aging treatments, no downtime is required.

For example, “Ultrasonic Cannon”, which uses the energy of ultrasonic waves to achieve anti-aging purposes. The ultrasonic waves it sends out non-invasively pass through the skin barrier, and are focused at 3mm and 4.5mm under the skin. It acts on the subcutaneous SMAS fascia layer, dermis layer, and adipose tissue of the face and neck to tighten the fascia, shrink the aging collagen and stimulate the proliferation and reorganization of collagen, which can improve skin tightening, facial sagging and wrinkles. question.

▼Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasonic cannon has two types of treatment heads. If it is a “knife-shaped” ultrasonic cannon with a higher energy, there may be slight redness on the face after treatment, which is normal. The reaction will slowly subside and return to normal complexion in a short time, which is why this type of anti-aging treatment is called “lunch beauty”, so it is no problem whether it is a holiday or a daily treatment.

▼Before and after ultrasonic gun treatment

After cosmetic skin treatment,It won’t have any effect on living, but it is not recommended to go out to play a few days after finishing it. Why?

One reason is sun protection!

Because the skin is more sensitive and prone to tanning after the treatment, it is more recommended to rest at home.

But if you have to go out to play, that’s fine, but it is recommended to avoid periods of strong sunlight and do physical sun protection, such as sunshades, hats, and sunscreen clothing. To the treatment site, otherwise it will affect the skin treatment effect!

The other is to hydrate well!

After using photoelectric equipment for skin treatment, most of the skin will be relatively dry, which requires more moisturizing and moisturizing. For example, in the first few days after DPL aurora treatment, it is recommended to use a mild moisturizing and moisturizing mask every day, such as medical Cold compresses can prevent the skin from being dehydrated and dry, and can also promote skin recovery. The doctor will explain to you how to take care of it after treatment.

·Microplastic class:

Micro plastic surgery should go without saying, the treatment is fast, the filling effect is immediately visible, minimally invasive and non-scarring, as needed, and there is basically no recovery period. These are their characteristics and their attractiveness. people place.

▼traces after hyaluronic acid injection

▼Hyaluronic acid cheek groove

However, like hyaluronic acid, it is hydrophilic. If you need to inject a larger dose and a wider range, there may be some swelling for a few days after the injection, and it will gradually subside and become natural after the injection.

Not all fillers will have this problem. For example, polycaprolactone microsphere fillers for injection (Yiyanshi girl needle) do not absorb water, so edema is not easy to occur; it The polycaprolactone contained in it can also stimulate the collagen to regenerate the scaffold. After the microspheres are metabolized and absorbed, the collagen scaffold continues to exist to maintain the filling effect, and the effect is more lasting.

▼Girl needle filling nasolabial fold

So, after the micro-plastic injection, whether you can go out to play in the rest of the vacation, you can make arrangements according to your own state, but don’t play those projects that are too exciting and exhausting, and Don’t go to some leisure and relaxation projects such as hot springs and saunas, you can consult a doctor for details.


Whether you can go out to play after a complete plastic surgery depends on what projects you are doing, whether the postoperative condition is suitable, and whether you care about the postoperative traces.

For example, double eyelid surgery, which has always been popular, requires only local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization, but there will be a swelling period after the operation, and then it will take a period of time to recover to nature. As for The degree of postoperative swelling and the length of the recovery period are not only related to the individual’s constitution and postoperative care, but also to the doctor’s technique and surgical method.

For example, double eyelid surgery, if you want less swelling and faster recovery, you can choose “Shajit Double Eyelid” and “Slightly Scarred Double Eyelid”.

The special feature of Shajit’s double eyelid is that it simulates the natural double eyelid structure, basically does not remove excess tissue, the damage is smaller, the swelling reaction after surgery is less, and the recovery is faster. When there is an excess, it can be restored more naturally.

The micro-mark double eyelid is an incision made on the upper eyelid margin, so as not to damage the normal tissue structure at the double eyelid line, and to avoid involving the incision when opening and closing the eyes, and the traces are also hidden, so Post-operative swelling is less, and it returns to nature more quickly.

But after these double eyelid surgeries, there will still be some swelling and incision marks. If you want to go out and play, you can wear sunglasses if you care about the double eyelid incision, but pay attention to the double eyelid incision. The eyelid incision should avoid getting wet, including sweat; don’t be too tired, and keep a healthy and light diet.

For operations such as “anatomical reconstruction of the nose” that require general anesthesia, it is usually recommended to stay for three days after the operation. There is the image – after the nasal synthesis until the sutures are removed, the nose splint is to be worn.

▼Postoperative dressing

The main function of the nose splint is to promote swelling and recovery, and the second is to protect the shape. Generally, it needs to be worn for 9 to 10 days, so it will be a little eye-catching, but you can use a mask to block it. After all, wearing masks is the norm now.

Of course, there are also some plastic surgeries that are basically less swollen and no traces are visible, such as internal incision to remove eye bags and internal orbital septal fat release, The incision is hidden in the lower palpebral conjunctiva; the incision for prosthetic chin augmentation surgery is selected near the lower lip frenulum, which not only improves greatly after the operation, but also the traces are quite hidden, and the appearance cannot be seen at all.

▼Incision to remove eye bags

▼Prosthetic chin incision

There is also “no edema line carving”, which not only restores the sagging soft tissue, improves the nasolabial folds, the flesh of the corner of the mouth, etc., makes people young and has a face-lifting effect, but also has a surgical There is basically no swelling afterward, and the only traces of the needle eye will heal quickly, and there is basically no recovery period, so it is also feasible to use the rest of the vacation to go out and play after the operation.

Specifically, you can ask the doctor after the treatment and follow the doctor’s advice. However, it is still recommended to take a good rest at home for complete plastic surgery, which is more conducive to recovery, and it is not very pleasant to lie down comfortably at home and watch the “crowded” scenery of the scenic spot.

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