After 115 years of living in Japan, this treasure of Fujian Youxi has returned to its homeland


Youxi County, Sanming City held a copy of the Qing Daoguang version of “Youxi County Chronicle”


Return to Youxi Handover Ceremony

Living in Japan for 115 years

Qing Daoguang Eleventh Year (1831) Edition

The copy of “Youxi County Chronicle” returned to the hometown

Filled out Youxi’s History of the Qing Dynasty from Qianlong to the Republic of China is blank

It is understood that the Qing Daoguang Ten The one-year (1831) edition of “Youxi County Chronicles” has 10 volumes, which were collected by Lu Xinyuan when he was the salt transport envoy in Fujian. In June 1907, Lu Shufan, the son of Lu Xinyuan, sold all the books to Jing Iwasaki, Japan, due to business failure. Jiatang Library has a history of 115 years.

In May of this year, Xu Kaiqin, who has taught at Tohoku University for many years, returned to his hometown When visiting relatives, I learned that the Qing Daoguang version of “Youxi County Chronicle” lived in Japan. Entrusted by the Party History and Local Records Office of Youxi County, Xu Kaiqin contacted a number of overseas Chinese friends in Japan, and with their help, after nearly three months of research, search, contact and negotiation, he finally brought his copy back to Youxi. creek.

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