Adults are negligent and leave children alone in the car, no matter whether the window is open or not, it is very dangerous!

Every summer, there are many reports from around the world about the tragic death of a child in a car.

On April 3, 2018, a father in North Carolina, USA, left his 10-month-old son alone in the car, and the child died in the car.

North Charleston Police said the dad told police he was going to take his son to daycare, but he forgot on the way and drove straight to work, leaving his son alone in the car .

His wife picked up the baby from the nursery in the evening and found that the son was not there.

She hurriedly called her husband to inform her husband. The man immediately checked the car and found that his son was unresponsive. The man rushed him to a nearby hospital,

The hospital later declared his son dead. According to US media reports, the forensic doctor is still investigating the cause of death of the baby boy. The temperature that day was 33.4 degrees Celsius.

This incident was reported by the world’s major media because the child died tragically.

However, around the world, including our country, there are many similar deaths caused by leaving young children alone in cars.

A casual search on the web will reveal many stories.

Each year, how many people die in cars in our country? No one in our country has done statistics, but I have found statistics from the United States.

Statistics of deaths from high temperatures in cars in the United States over the years

The picture above shows the statistics of deaths from high temperatures in cars in the United States over the years.

I have not been able to find accurate statistics for my country, but I can confirm that every year, there are not a few people in my country who die because of their children being left alone in their cars.

Because our population far exceeds that of the United States, the absolute number of children dying in cars each year should exceed that of the United States.

According to public reports, just in July 2017, within half a month, four young children in Hebei Province died because they were left alone on the school bus. Incidents of being left alone in a car resulting in death are common.

The difference between the two is that in the event of an accident, almost 100% of the children on the school bus die, while the children in the private car will be rescued in time due to the timely occurrence of passers-by or the timely return of the vehicle owner. Some children It is possible to survive, but it is often left with permanent disability.

Why would a child die if left in a car?

According to statistics from the United States, children do not die from suffocation, but from heat stroke, or, to put it more informally, from heat stroke.

Due to the poor air circulation in the car, as long as the temperature in the car exceeds the normal body temperature (37.5°C), the people in the car may suffer from heat stroke. The higher the temperature, the higher the likelihood and risk of heat stroke.

Cars placed in the sun will increase the temperature inside the car very quickly. According to some statistics, in summer, the temperature inside the car can quickly reach 60°C under the sun. It is very dangerous for people to stay in such a high temperature environment.

Then the temperature inside the car will not be high in winter, right?

Is it safe to leave my child in the car during the winter? Not safe either. The sun in winter can still raise the temperature inside a car to lethal temperatures. According to the statistics of Americans, the most such deaths occur from May to July, but they occur all year round, as well as in winter.

That said, even in winter, leaving a child alone in a car can kill you from the heat.

Some people know the dangers of leaving their children in a car with the windows closed, so they open the window a little and leave the child in the car, thinking it’s safe.

Actually, doing that would put the child at risk.

A graph of experimental data from

The picture above is an experimental data chart made by the website.

A blue and black car with closed windows and a light gray car with 1.5 inches (about 3.8 cm) of windows open, the temperature in both cars quickly rose to 140 Around Fahrenheit (60°C).

This kind of temperature inside the car will inevitably cause people to die from heat stroke for those who stay in the car.

In other words, leaving a child alone in a car with the windows open could cause the child to die of heat.

Children are curious and active, and being alone in the car may also bring dangers such as starting the car, so I won’t talk about it here.

In short, never leave children alone in a car, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, with or without the windows.

Of course, it’s not enough for adults not to leave children alone in the car.

Sometimes adults leave their children in the car because they don’t know it’s dangerous and the adults know it.

However, there are times when adults inadvertently leave their children in the car.

Therefore, we must take prevention as the main priority, and we must teach children some methods at ordinary times, so that if they are left alone in the car and feel uncomfortable, they can save themselves.

First, teach children who have the strength to open doors.

Secondly, for children who do not have the strength to open the door, we must teach them to use the horn, and usually tell the children that if they are left alone in the car, they must honk the horn, so that parents and The people around noticed this situation, so they could help them in time.

Finally, teach your child to use double jump lights to call the police.

However, this trick is not very good in our country. When many people park illegally on the road, in order not to be photographed by surveillance, they will turn on the double lights, and everyone is not surprised.

However, a car with double jumping lights will attract the attention of passersby to some extent.

But, no matter what, a car horn blaring incessantly will definitely attract the attention of passersby.

For very young children, they must be careful not to honk the horn, please do not let the child out of their sight.