About 80,000 tourists are stranded in Sanya. How to prevent and control the area where tourists are concentrated?

According to CCTV news, during the peak summer tourist season, the seaside city of Sanya experienced an epidemic. The epidemic in Sanya has obvious clustering, and there has been spread and spillover in the province; the virus strain is Omicron variant BA.5.1.3. How do you think about the biggest and most complicated outbreak that Hainan has encountered since the outbreak of the Omicron variant strain? How to quickly block the spread and realize dynamic clearing as soon as possible?

About 80,000 tourists are stranded in Sanya, how to prevent and control the area where tourists are concentrated?

He Shigang, Deputy Mayor of Sanya Municipal Government, Hainan Province: It is estimated that more than 80,000 tourists stay in Sanya. At this difficult time, Sanya is a tourist city , but also to the tourists stranded in Sanya, have more care and do a good job in related services. From the current data analysis, the infected people are mainly local residents. There are several aspects on how to do a good job of stranded tourists:

First, from the current case distribution, in Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay are also the places with the highest concentration of tourists, so We have strengthened the control of Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay, requiring a 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate to enter, in this case It can ensure that places where tourists are more concentrated are free from or reduce the possibility of virus infection.

Second, departments involved in tourism, including hotel associations and other enterprises, are required to do their best to serve tourists well, soothe their emotions, and inform tourists of relevant policies. At the same time, a special class is set up in the tourism and cultural department, and a special line is arranged to specially accept the various demands of tourists, coordinate some of their travel-related issues, and provide them with proper services.

At present, tourists can enter and leave Sanya with nucleic acid certificate

He Shigang, deputy mayor of Sanya Municipal Government, Hainan Province: Haitang Bay and Yalong Bay In fact, they are relatively independent units, so we all set up bayonet at the intersection. After the foreign tourist arrives, he can still enter the hotel he booked with the negative nucleic acid certificate and the air and train tickets to Sanya, and check in. Tourists need to have a nucleic acid test certificate for entry and exit. Therefore, we must do our best to ensure that there are no epidemics or cases in these places, and places with more tourists must be strictly controlled to prevent them from being affected by the spread of the epidemic.

The epidemic has spilled over into and outside Hainan Province, how to deal with it?

He Shigang, Deputy Mayor of Sanya Municipal Government, Hainan Province: The Sanya epidemic has spilled over. Judging from the discovery of the Omicron variant strain, it is not prevalent in China , our first two months were the peak tourist season. Millions of tourists entered Sanya. After gene sequencing and comparison, it can be ruled out that the virus was imported from a large number of domestic tourists. Therefore, in the face of new viruses, we have In the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, from the provincial level, we must also do a good job in preventing spillover and non-proliferation. At present, as far as we know, the virus has spread to Chongqing, Guangdong, and 8 cities and counties in Hainan Province. Hainan Province has the following practices:

①At the provincial level, a special class for anti-spill has been established.

②The measures for leaving Sanya City have been upgraded, requiring that those who leave Sanya City must have two negative nucleic acid certificates within 48 hours, so as to prevent the virus from being taken to other places.

Editor Sun Linzhi