A soft and firm formula! Soothes the liver, resolves phlegm, activates blood, and can eliminate various nodules and cysts

What exactly are nodules?

Is the nodule cancer?

Can a nodule develop into cancer?

Don’t panic, simply understand that a nodule is a lump in the body! Thyroid nodules may or may not be cancers. Long-term uncontrolled nodules after discovery will lead to the deterioration of the nodules, and they will naturally become cancer. With early detection and early treatment, benign nodules can be dissipated!

Thyroid nodules have different etiologies, but the same pathological mechanisms are always caused by the interaction and mutual influence of liver stagnation, phlegm turbidity and blood stasis.

Therefore, the main treatments are soothing the liver and promoting qi, dissolving phlegm and promoting blood circulation, and softening and dispelling knots.

Share a real case:

Patient, female, 34 years old.

It has been more than a year since I found a thyroid nodule, and I have not paid attention to it.

The thyroid ultrasound showed that the right lobe was 25mmx20mm in size, and the left lobe was 10mmx7mm in size, with clear borders. Color Doppler ultrasound showed no obvious blood flow, so benign lesions were considered.

At the first consultation, the patient was sallow complexion, lacked energy, and weak in speech. The patient wondered why the nodules developed so fast in just one year. Only less than one centimeter before!

I asked her if something happened at home or at work recently, was she depressed?

Sure enough, Due to family changes and depression, the thyroid gland rapidly developed and enlarged.

The patient reported that he had dry mouth and throat discomfort on weekdays. Looking at the body of his tongue, the tongue was red with thin yellow greasy coating and petechiae on the sides. , the pulse string.

Several nodules of varying sizes can be palpated in the front of the neck, the right side is larger and can move up and down with swallowing.

Western medicine diagnosis: thyroid nodule

Chinese medicine diagnosis: gall tumor

Syndrome differentiation belongs to liver qi stagnation, phlegm coagulation and blood stasis, and the treatment is to soothe the liver and regulate qi, resolve phlegm and activate blood circulation, soften firmness and disperse knots.

Use the following combinations:

Bupleurum, Angelica, Scutellaria, Salvia, Red Peony, Scrophulariaceae, Fritillaria, oyster, Prunella vulgaris, Tianzhu Huang, seaweed, kelp, turmeric, Citrus aurantium, green skin, Pinellia, Poria. Shui Jianbi, 14 doses.

Second consultation: The patient reported that his mood was better than before, dry mouth and bitterness disappeared, and throat discomfort was relieved. Therefore, it is effective, so the goiter of the patient basically disappeared after 4 months of modified treatment. There has been no recurrence after follow-up.

Liver stagnation, Qi stagnation, phlegm coagulation, and blood stasis affect each other and interact with each other, eventually leading to the occurrence and development of nodules. Therefore, in the treatment of this disease, soothing the liver, promoting qi, resolving phlegm, and promoting blood circulation are indispensable and cannot be neglected.

In the treatment of syndrome differentiation, the first priority should be to soothe the liver and promote the qi, and when the qi travels, the stagnation can be relieved, the phlegm can be dissolved, and the blood can be dissipated. Yu, Scutellaria baicalensis, turmeric, Citrus aurantium, and green skin regulate Qi.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the pathogenic effect of phlegm and blood stasis, and it should resolve phlegm and promote blood circulation, so Angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, red peony root are used to promote blood circulation and dispel blood stasis, and Zhe Fritillaria and Tianzhu Huang clear heat. Relieves phlegm and promotes the dissipation of nodules.

Finally, add oysters, prunella, seaweed, kelp, etc., to enhance its phlegm-resolving and softening power.

Combination of various drugs, then the liver qi is sparse, the phlegm can be dissolved, the blood stasis is cleared, and the nodules are naturally dissipated.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to one person and one side, adding and subtracting syndrome differentiation.

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