A shipyard worker in Taiwan is diagnosed with the Omikron BA.5 virus, the source of infection is unknown

Source: China News Service

China News Service, July 25th According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”, 25 people from the Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan announced the BA in southern Taiwan. 5 strains of unknown infection origin, the case is a shipyard worker in 50 days, who has received 3 doses of vaccine, was diagnosed in May this year, and re-infected with BA. , yet to be sequenced.

The epidemic situation in Taiwan has cooled down, but another wave of new Omicoron subtype variants has been launched internationally. Taiwan has added 48 new cases of Omicron subtype variants BA.4 and BA. 5 confirmed cases, including 2 local cases and 46 imported cases.

Luo Yijun, deputy head of the medical response team of the Taiwan Epidemic Epidemic Command Center, said that on the 25th, there was a new local BA. Picked up 2 family members who came from Germany to the airport on the same day. One of them was diagnosed at the airport and was sequenced as BA.5. For the index case of this case, the man in his 60s who was in charge of picking up the airport was listed as a contact with a negative PCR test. Take 0+7 days of self-epidemic prevention.

On July 13, due to the confirmed family gene sequence of BA.5, the male who was responsible for picking up the plane and another family member who traveled with him were arranged to take another test. The asymptomatic 2 were both yin and yang, and the sequence was

BA.5. At present, 3 people have expired their isolation period and are asymptomatic. Among them, 12 contacts are listed, 2 of them are positive and 10 are negative. The Ct values ​​of positive cases are all greater than 35. They may have been diagnosed in May or June. The analysis should be old cases. There is no cell transmission situation.

In addition, a new BA.5 community transmission cluster was also reported in a shipyard in southern Taiwan, and it was also the second case of BA.5 reinfection. Luo Yijun explained that the case was a male in his 50s who had received 3 doses of the vaccine. He was diagnosed on May 18. He developed symptoms such as cough, sore throat and muscle pain on July 13. The quick test was positive and the Ct value was 17. for reinfection.

Luo Yijun said that among the 3 family members of the shipyard employees who have been quarantined, 2 have been diagnosed with Ct values ​​ranging from 21 to 22; 118 people are listed in the workplace, 1 is overseas and 1 is overseas. Among the remaining 116 people, 106 were negative and 10 were positive, of which 8 were newly confirmed cases (Ct values ​​ranged from 23 to 36), and 2 were previously diagnosed between May and July (Ct values ​​ranged from 30 to 37).

Luo Yijun said that because there is still a local epidemic in the domestic community, it is impossible to confirm that the source of the epidemic is a family or a community. The analysis of the workplace is more likely, because there is a risk of exposure to overseas sources of infection, the preliminary analysis of this case is as follows: A suspected cluster infection in the family and workplace is yet to be sequenced.

Luo Yijun emphasized that since this case involves the shipyard work of an international port, the competent authority of the international port has been requested to ask the relevant industry to strengthen the implementation of the protection and elimination of operations such as boarding, and actively urge the relevant personnel to add a second time. dose vaccination.

According to the statistics of the Taiwan Epidemic Epidemic Command Center, up to now, a total of 416 confirmed cases of Omicron subtype variants have been detected in Taiwan, including 62 cases in BA.4 and 354 cases in BA.5. ; A total of 9 locally confirmed cases, all of which are BA.5 subtype, of which 7 are related to airport pick-up and 2 are community infections. A total of 245 cases of superinfection were sequenced, of which 2 cases were BA.5, and the remaining 243 cases were BA.2.