A reminder to diabetics: 4 kinds of food are not sweet, but they are the “sugar king” and should be eaten with caution

Many people in life find it difficult to resist the temptation of sweets. Delicious sweets can make people feel good, but for sugar lovers, sweets are no longer a delicacy, but a life-threatening “poison”.

Many people with diabetes will blame the cause of the disease on eating too much sugar, so they strictly abstain from sugar after the disease. It has also risen, which makes many sugar fans puzzled. I don’t know what I did wrong. I obviously stopped eating sweets and gave up sugar. Why is there no effect at all?

Actually, it is not possible to judge whether a food contains sugar or not based on taste alone. Some foods in life may not taste sweet, but they are the proper “sugar-raising king”. will rise uncontrollably.

4 kinds of foods are not sweet, but they are the “king of sugar”, diabetics should eat them carefully

1. White-faced steamed buns

The soft white-faced steamed buns have a faint wheat flavor, not too sweet, and have a strong sense of satiety, but it is the “sugar-raising king”. The starch content in it is too high, and after eating it, it will generate a lot of sugar, so it will increase the blood sugar.

2. White rice

White rice is a staple food, and some sugar lovers may eat it every day. Eat, they think that the rice is not sweet, and it is not related to sweets, so you can eat it with confidence. However, the starch content in the rice is also very high, and the refined rice, grain shell, and seed coat are all processed. It becomes pure starch, which is easy to digest and absorb after eating, and the glycemic index is very high.

If the rice is boiled into porridge to drink, the starch gelatinization degree is higher, and it is easier to raise blood sugar.

So sugar lovers must eat a small amount of white rice. You can mix the rice with coarse grains to make multigrain rice to eat. When steaming the rice, remember not to steam it too softly, do not boil white rice porridge, eat It is best to wait until the rice is warm before eating it, not while it is still hot.

3. Animal viscera

Animal viscera is not sweet at all, although animal viscera It does not contain sugar, but it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. If a diabetic eats too much, it will also lead to a rise in blood sugar.

4, sausages, hams

processed foods such as sausages and hams are salty The mouth is not sweet, convenient and delicious. Some sugar lovers think that eating these will not affect blood sugar. In fact, although this type of processed food does not contain sugar, one is that there are too many fats and additives in it, which is not good for health, and the other is that eating too much will easily gain weight, and obesity will affect the stability of blood vessels, so sugar lovers do not want blood sugar. Ascend, get away from them.

If you want to have stable blood sugar, you can usually eat more vegetables with low calorie and sugar content such as cabbage, cucumber, celery, etc., and the diet should be light. It is necessary to develop a good habit of regular and quantitative, control the total intake of the day, eat small meals often, chew slowly when eating, and do a good job of nutritional matching, so as to control blood sugar.

Secondly, exercise in moderation. Exercise is an important means of controlling blood sugar. Exercise can activate the vitality of the islets, help the islets to recover slowly, and control the body weight. In this way, the two-pronged approach is conducive to the stability of blood sugar.


Qinglian Liu has the effect of regulating pancreatic islets and lowering blood sugar, so people with diabetes can usually use < strong>Qing Qian Liu is mixed with mulberry leaves, corn silk, tartary buckwheat, cassia seeds, burdock root and other ingredients to make Qing Qian Liu Burdock Tea according to the recipe. Speed ​​up detoxification, improve body immunity, and control blood sugar well.

In a word, diabetics must do a good job of conditioning their daily diet, and know which foods they cannot eat and which foods can help lower blood sugar. to avoid the risk of diabetes complications.