A man in Zhejiang was caught in his throat by a fishbone! In a hurry, he grabbed a chopstick and stabbed it in his throat! After a few stabs, something terrible happened…

The fishbone is stuck in the throat. Do not use “earthwork” casually. Poke the throat with chopsticks to try to induce vomiting. It is absolutely impossible! If you can’t deal with the thorn, then everyone must go to the hospital in time for the help of a doctor!

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46-year-old Huang The husband often feels that there is phlegm in the throat and can’t cough up, and there is a foreign body sensation when swallowing. Such symptoms have lasted for more than a year. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with chronic pharyngitis, and the medication did not improve significantly. Introduced by a friend, I came to the attending TCM physician of Zhang Yanyan, Department of Otolaryngology, Zhejiang Litongde Hospital.

Dr. Zhang found a new creature on the left side of Mr. Huang’s epiglottis under the video laryngoscope , the initial consideration is epiglottis cyst. Due to the large size of the new organism, it causes discomfort in the throat. It is recommended that Mr. Huang have surgical treatment.

When he heard the surgery, Mr. Huang immediately panicked, and he was usually busy with work. Set aside and observe for a while before receiving treatment. Dr. Zhang reminded that such a large cyst must be treated with surgery as soon as possible. Once the cyst is infected and spreads to the epiglottis, it is very dangerous.

Mr.HuangclutchedhisthroattightlywithhishandandwroteonhismobilephoneSubtitlesforcolleagues:”I can’t breathe, take me to the hospital”! In this way, Mr. Huang appeared again in the consultation room of Zhang Yanyan’s attending TCM physician. Physician Zhang saw Mr. Huang, who was in extreme pain, and immediately realized the seriousness of the problem. He hurriedly used a laryngoscope to find out what was wrong with his epiglottis. The epiglottis was inflamed, and the epiglottis also swelled. This swollen epiglottis (lid), the curl is about to block the airway opening, the situation is critical.

Dr. Zhang immediately gave the three-edge acupuncture point Shaoshang point for bloodletting, and the patient’s sore throat was instantly relieved. acupuncture point) to the throat, and 10 mg of dexamethasone needle was given intravenously. After taking the medicine, Mr. Huang’s sore throat and feeling of suffocation were significantly relieved, and his breathing gradually stabilized, and everyone was relieved.


Dr. Zhang said about Mr. Huang’s situation, If you don’t see a doctor and let the epiglottis continue to swell, it will swell into a ball, causing the airway opening to be completely closed, and the consequence will be suffocation. Fortunately, there was no danger. Mr. Huang immediately went through hospitalization procedures for treatment and observation, saving his life.

Acute epiglottitis, also known as supraglottic laryngitis or pre-epiglottic angina, is a special type of Acute inflammatory lesions of the epiglottis and its surrounding tissues (including the valley of the epiglottis, the folds of the aryto-epiglottis, etc.) in the upper region are characterized by a high degree of edema of the epiglottis. It can occur in children and adults alike, and is mainly manifested as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and breathing. The onset is acute and the development is rapid, and the throat can be “closed” in a short period of time, and the mortality rate is high.

The most common cause is bacterial and viral infection; the second is drug or food allergy, and shrimp , crab or other seafood are more common; fatigue, alcoholism, and smoking are also common predisposing factors; trauma such as foreign body puncture can also cause acute epiglottitis.