A magical lake was discovered in Qinghai, with fresh water on one side and salt water on the other, with different colors and clear distinctions.

There are many lakes in China, the largest is Qinghai Lake with a depth of 4583 square kilometers, and the deepest is the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain with a depth of 373 meters. , The highest is Horpo Lake with an altitude of 6166 meters, the largest salt lake is Chaerhan Salt Lake, the largest hot water lake is Yangbajing, and the most islands is Qiandao Lake, but few friends know that there is another one in China. A very magical lake, with fresh water on one side and salt water on the other, do you know where it is?

< span>This lake is Xitaijiner Lake located in Haixizhou, Qinghai. National Highway 315 with China Highway 66 passes through the lake, dividing the lake into two parts. The amazing thing is that the lake water on both sides of National Highway 315 is completely different. Light green, dark blue on one side, and distinct, makes every visitor here amazed.

< span>This lake can be described as obscurity in the past, but in recent years, it has suddenly become popular with the nearby Dongtai Jiner Lake, becoming an Internet attraction that attracts countless tourists. Although these two lakes are not far apart, they are The styles are quite different.

< span>The water of Jinel Lake in Dongtai is like the sea, it looks like the noble color of Tiffany gems representing happiness and romance, plus the soft and white lake salt crystals, which are as delicate as melted cheese, and are called by many people It is the Maldives in the northwest of China. In contrast, Jinel Lake in Xitai is not as amazing as Dongtai, but the spectacle of two lakes and two colors in the same lake is breathtaking.

< span>Why does the same lake have two colors and two types of lake water? This is a topic that many friends are very concerned about. Since this is not a commercial scenic spot, there is no professional person on the side to give an authoritative introduction, but according to Yu Fan, Xitai Jiner Lake was originally the same lake, which is located in Chai The Damu desert is surrounded by no-man’s land. It belongs to an arid and extremely arid climate. The annual precipitation is less than 25mm.

< span>When the 315 National Highway divides the West-Taijiner Lake in two from the middle, the supply of lake water will be differentiated.The water supply of the lake is the same salt water as Dongtai Jiner Lake, and one side is the melting ice and snow water on the Kunlun Mountains. Therefore, due to the different water sources, the water quality of the lakes on both sides has gradually changed, and the unique natural wonder is presented today.

< span>According to local friends in the same industry, Xitai Jiner Lake was formed 2.6 million years ago. It belongs to the magnesium sulfate subtype salt lake. It is the salt lake with the best resource conditions among the many salt lakes in China. It is the largest salt lake in China. Also known as the two salt lakes with the most development value.

< span>We noticed that there are Yadan sand dunes of different shapes on the water Yadan around Xitai Jiner Lake and Dongtai Jiner Lake, but there are no sand dunes in Xitai Jiner Lake, so it looks relatively plain, but when we drive from Driving through the lake, the lake and the sky meet outside the window, and there are flocks of wild ducks. It is still very beautiful, so we can’t help but stop the car and enjoy it slowly and take aerial photos.

< span>The Dongtai Jiner Lake adjacent to the West Terrace has quietly disappeared, and the West Terrace Jiner Lake is still open for free. You can enjoy this peculiar natural wonder without a ticket, so if you like it, be sure to take advantage of the spectacle. , Come and take a look early, maybe it will disappear as quietly as Dongtai, to give a simple example, if the two lakes are connected, the spectacle of the mandarin duck pot will disappear, what do you think?