A hospitalization made me realize that I’m really not young anymore

A few days ago, I had to be hospitalized for arm pain due to cervical spondylosis. The person who checked me in was a 24-5-year-old practice nurse. She said, “Auntie, I’ll register you.” The little nurse even called me Auntie. Although I am 54 years old and will retire next year, I have never regarded myself as someone in their fifties. People who know me well think that I look much younger than my peers. Retire at the age of 60 (the deputy senior professional title will retire normally at the age of 60) Although I don’t think I am old, I want to retire at the age of 55 and play freely for a few years. In short, in my heart I don’t see myself as an aunt. The little nurse’s aunt made me have to face the reality of my age. In fact, I am 54 years old, and the little nurse is almost twenty-four or five years old. She should be younger than my son. Isn’t it reasonable to call me aunt? Of course, I most wanted her to call me Auntie. In the next few days, several nurses did call me Auntie, which made me feel much better. It’s funny when you think about it. No matter what others call you, your own mentality is the most important thing. Always maintain an optimistic attitude, feel refreshed, and age gracefully. Isn’t this my pursuit?