A grand event on the Tianjun grassland-Haixi Prefecture’s 2022 “Zhige Luru” Cultural Tourism Festival and Tourism Culture Promotion Conference

The picture shows the event site. Photo by Yang Linling

Qinghai News Network·Damei Qinghai Client News On the morning of August 6, the racetrack in the northwest corner of the suburb of Tianjun County, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was very lively. People of all ethnic groups from the local area, dressed in costumes, came together to participate in a grassland event called “Zhige Luru”.

“Zhige Luru” in Tibetan means the June Flower Festival. This time of year is the busiest time on the Tianjun grassland, where tents are set up, horse racing, yak racing… On this day, people raise The wine glass blesses a good life, sings and dances, and enjoys the grassland singing party.

On the same day, Haixi Prefecture’s 2022 “Zhige Luru” Cultural Tourism Festival and Tourism Culture Promotion Conference opened in Tianjun.

Walking into the green grass racetrack, you will feel the enthusiasm from the local farmers and herdsmen, and see the bustling people coming one after another, and finally converge on the center stage of the opening ceremony, looking forward to A splendid show is on.

Cai Xianjia, who is over 70 years old, sat side by side with his wife in the back row of the crowd, his shrewd eyes jumping along with the dance music on the stage. With the passionate singing on the stage overflowing the crowd, the opening dance “National Tap” made the atmosphere of the whole event more lively, and this tourism and cultural festival kicked off with cheers and applause one after another.

“I never get tired of watching good-looking shows!” Cai Xianjia has lived in this grassland since he was a child. He recalled the city’s memories, and he said excitedly, “In the past, it was difficult to watch programs, but now you can watch all kinds of programs without leaving the county seat.”

The fragrance of Tianjun grassland, the fragrance of Tianjun grassland, Singing and dancing is unforgettable. The Tibetan group dance “Plateau Sketch” shows the local customs and customs of Tianjun, the hometown of horses, with beautiful dance postures. The melodious Matouqin music makes people travel in the vast grasslands. The popular song “tell me why” brings youthful joy to the scene… A scene The wonderful performances were staged one after another, and the whole scene was immersed in the sea of ​​singing and dancing.

Among the crowd watching the show, herdsmen wearing green striped suspenders often shuttled among them, bending over to pick up debris on the ground. Before they knew it, the woven bags in their hands had bulged. “Protect our beautiful grassland!” After speaking, the herdsman silently picked up the garbage on the ground, as if imprinting the mission of protecting this grassland in his heart.

With the end of the last song and dance performance “Anthem”, the wonderful show has come to an end, but the carnival on the grassland has just begun. Next, there will continue to be horse racing, yak racing, archery, wrestling, boke and many other traditional national sports competitions. At the same time, activities such as the exhibition and sales of characteristic agricultural and livestock products in Tianjun County, the Rai competition, and the display of folk culture will bring more passion and laughter to this grassland.

On the way to the new era and new journey, this folk celebration with more than 50 years of “age” has been endowed with new meanings, full of the expectations of children of all ethnic groups in Tianjun County for a better life. It is a stage for the local people to inherit and carry forward the traditional national culture, and show the style of the new era. (Su Feng, Yang Linling)

(Qinghai Daily)