A girl encounters a “stumbling block” in the postgraduate entrance examination, and it is actually disfigured because of long vitiligo

Song Tianjiao from Zaozhuang, Shandong Province suffered from vitiligo on her face when she was a sophomore in high school. At that time, her mother took her to seek medical treatment and medicine. She went to some hospitals in Beijing, Hebei and Jinan for treatment, but she did not get better. Song Tianjiao was born in an ordinary rural family. Her father was seriously injured while working in a coal mine, and she was treated all year round. She also had a younger sister who had to spend money to go to school. The family only depended on her mother to plant a few acres of mountains to make ends meet. sick. In two years, the white spots on her left face quickly developed into large white spots.

During illness

Due to the disfigurement caused by vitiligo on her face, Song Tianjiao’s psychology and study and life were greatly affected , especially when the university was about to graduate and take the postgraduate entrance examination. At that time, she won the first place in the written test and exceeded the admission score of Peking University. However, because of the white spots on her face, no tutor accepted her during the interview, and she had no choice but to lose her good opportunity for further study . At that time, Song Tianjiao was in great pain and despair, feeling that she had lost hope in her whole life.

Fortunately, Song Tianjiao’s mother is very strong and loves her very much. For the sake of her child’s future, she has never given up looking for a place to cure her disease. In September 2013, she learned through media reports that Huahai Vitiligo Hospital had launched a public welfare activity called “Beautiful Smiley Qilu Xing” to help poor vitiligo patients, and immediately called Song Tianjiao to sign up. With the free treatment from the hospital, the whole family suddenly saw the light. Through expert consultation, President Cheng Aihua of the hospital conducted a comprehensive TCM test for Song Tianjiao and formulated a personalized plan. After more than two courses of treatment, the leukoplakia on her left face completely recovered.

After recovery

During the hospitalization, Dean Cheng encouraged Song Tianjiao to study and prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam again while treating her illness. In the end, she succeeded in the examination. He was a graduate student at Minnan Normal University. Now she has worked smoothly, became a university teacher, has her own happy marriage, and gave birth to a healthy and lovely baby. The whole family is very happy.

Thanks to Dean Cheng’s help

Song Tianjiao is very grateful to Dean Cheng, not only cured her disease, but also changed Her life is the noble of her life. At the same time, Song Tianjiao hopes to tell the majority of patients with her personal experience: Vitiligo is not an incurable disease, and if you find a good doctor and good technology, you can also achieve recovery like her.

[Warm reminder]:

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