A forced smile is not necessarily true happiness! Watch for the 4 Signs of Smile Depression

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, they all think it is a bad mood, but in fact, people who are in depression will feel that life is better than death. Everything you like, that kind of heartache magnified by dozens or hundreds of times, is probably the sadness suffered by depression, but you may slowly recover from the pain after a few months, but individuals with depression sometimes Internally, it’s like a severe allergy that is very emotional.

The body is injured, and everyone around me can see it clearly, but emotionally ill, I can’t see it from the outside. Sometimes, adults or special status, often even have a decent collapse, as if they don’t even have the right to be sad, so every day there are many bright and beautiful behind, but the back is full of numbness, and there are bursts of sadness in the chest like The waves hit the shore, hitting the heart. This is a phenomenon that has received much attention recently”

Smile Depression


How is smiling depression different from depression? Smiling depression has received much attention in psychiatry in recent years, and is also known as walking depression or high-functioning depression because such patients are still self-reliant, socially normal, or even have outstanding social Ability, which is different from the typical symptoms of depression, patients are often good at suppressing their own feelings.

For them, sometimes they think in their hearts that they don’t care about some things, but they don’t seem to be able to do anything if they care about them. In the past, most people recognized depression as feeling unhappy, withdrawn in behavior, staying at home, reducing behavioral activities, and reducing the frequency of interaction with others. But that’s not the case with smiling depression. They still maintain their activities of daily living and interact with others as usual, but they are exhausted inside.

For individuals who are smiling and depressed, the pain that is difficult to suppress but has to be suppressed is always entangled in the body, whether in the office, on the street or at home, they always look forward to a person Cry a lot, but you may actually want to cry but can’t cry, and you have to keep an elegant smile on your face.

Unlike typical depression, people with smiling depression may maintain a life-work balance, remain proactive about things, appear cheerful and optimistic, and maintain work-life balance. Balance, people around you can even feel the sun, but you are exposed to the flames, and your heart is gradually sunburned.

The symptoms and symptoms of smiling depression are difficult to identify, and they are not exclusive to specific ethnic groups. To understand whether someone around you has symptoms of depression, you can simply judge by the following methods:

1. Stress

If something happened in the life of relatives or friends recently, or a major event happened, the individual may have a situation of major loss, such as bankruptcy, bereavement, serious illness and other major life events, which may cause them to think repeatedly With these losses or great sadness. At this time, it may be necessary to pay more attention and greetings.

2. Changes in behavior

Changes in mind or movement, making it difficult to engage in daily life, or to feel comfortable. And this kind of change is not simply a change from positive to negative, but also to observe that it has been negative in the past and suddenly becomes very positive. It’s not that positive change is bad, it’s that sometimes individuals who already have thoughts of suicide are still struggling with pain, but when they suddenly make up their minds to end all this, there will be a kind of relief. It’s not that he has figured it out. Rather, he has made a decision.

3. Apathy or anxiety

Loss of fun or indifference to activities that usually interest you, and in some cases is prone to emotional ups and downs and agitation. If you find that relatives and friends around you suddenly have a lack of interest in activities that he liked in the past, or are prone to back and forth, you should pay more attention.

4. Negative information

When an individual expresses negative verbal information, or non-verbal information, inadvertently reveal some negative information, such as: it may be better to leave here, this world may not have a place I can go to Don’t think that he is just talking for a while, because he may reveal a very weak signal for help.

When trying to say “I’m not really good”, people around you will always respond with “How could you be depressed?”, “You think too much” or “You are too busy”. This kind of inadvertent response may make the depressed individual who is trying to seek help more withdrawn or even worsened, because hearing such an answer is easy to produce “no one in the world can understand me”, it must be me…” Then there will be many negative thoughts of yourself, feeling that you are not worthy of love, that you are terrible, that you are worthless, that you are excluded from everyone… Then, there may be no future in life. We will How can a person who thinks it is impossible to be depressed can be depressed? But sometimes, it is also because we think that the other person cannot be depressed, which makes them more depressed.