A cup of tea to warm this ruthless world

Life is just a cup of tea.

Full or less, what are you fighting for?

It can be thick or light, it has its own flavor.

Whether it’s urgent or slow, so what?

Whether it’s warm or cold, look at each other and smile.

a cup of tea,

It doesn’t have to be as strong as Tang poetry,

It doesn’t have to be like Song poetry, span>

Just like the wind of seclusion in Wei and Jin Dynasties

Just be quiet.

Tea is mild,

introverted, quiet .

Because silence is beauty,

introverted It is beauty,

teaching tea without words is beauty.

Drinking tea is the beginning and witness of a fate.

In a cup of tea,

with Strangers get to know each other,

talk about the wind and moon, relax the mind.

Think without evil, without madness, without dryness;

Eyebrows are not surging, breathing is constant.

Drinking tea is actually an open-minded life

Pick up And the action of calmly letting go.

At the same time, life is like drinking tea,

Always know the truth of the bitterness and the sweetness after the bitterness.

know how to taste tea,

can know how to be calm

how to put down the teacup without worry.

tea in a cup,

changes from strong to light, from Hot to cool.

You are not impetuous and consistent in the tea cup.

The tea ceremony is also enlightened,

Humanity is also the way of the heart,

Tea is also human,

Tea ceremony is also humane,

Tea ceremony is easy to express,

Speaking of humanity.

The source of the heart, originally a pot of tea,

Inclusive of all kinds of flavors, always new because of breathing.

A tea tasting without distractions,

can be more involved obsession.

A person sitting alone can save themselves more,

You can hear the voice of your heart that you want to express most,

allows you to have an introspection that others don’t have.

Light tea for those who are quiet,

Light tea for those who are clear ,

strong tea awaits the strong,

Good tea for the good.

Sit in the mountain hall at night, draw the spring and cook tea, until Water and fire fighting,

like listening to the pines, pouring into a cup, the clouds are shining,

It’s so funny at this time, it’s hard to say!

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