A collection of beautiful photos of the ancient road in Quzhou~ Do you have a favorite work?

Recently under the city wall of Shuitingmen

A picture of Quzhou ancient road

attracted many citizens to stop and watch

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In order to create a globally recognizable brand image of “Qu Ancient Road”, Quzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism A series of activities such as “Qugu Road” brand LOGO, online collection of promotion slogans and the selection of the most beautiful “Qugu Road” were held.

Since its launch in May, the event has attracted nearly 200 creators from different provinces and cities across the country to submit contributions to participate in the LOGO design, received nearly 100 contributions from primary and secondary school students in Quzhou City, and invited professional photographers The division team used the lens to record the scenery along the Quzhou Ancient Road.

an ancient road

< span>A piece of nostalgia

The ancient roads hidden in the green mountains and rivers

Arouses many memories of Quzhou people

Quzhou Ancient Roads are mostly paved with boulders, flagstones and stones, and a few sections are excavated from the original rocks. Most of the roads are 1 to 2.5 meters wide, and some stretch for a hundred years. Many kilometers, some only one or two kilometers. It is understood that the 39 most representative ancient roads that have been discovered in Quzhou are currently on display at Shuitingmen. These ancient roads are like rough twine, strung with dense pine forests, green bamboo seas, quaint villages, streams, waterfalls, birds, and beasts…

Walking among the ancient roads, you can taste the fun of “the green shade does not diminish when the road comes, adding four or five sounds of the oriole”, and you can enjoy “the shallow stream is broken by the sunlight, and the wild forest is towering and cloudy” You can also enjoy the picture of “yellow oranges, green oranges, dark red persimmons, trees and trees without wind and falling off branches”.

Beside the ancient road, the footprints of famous people from the past dynasties such as Huang Chao, Wang Anshi, Li Shangyin can be seen faintly; Between ancient pagodas, ancient dwellings, ancient wharves, ancient ruins and ancient kiln sites, the traffic and horses on the ancient road seem to be in front of you.

Today, the picture display of Quzhou Ancient Road in Shuitingmen will continue, and interested citizens can go to watch it~

Source: FM1053