A blushing gynecological examination, or a female “sock”? Say these things to your doctor before your test

[Case Study]

< span>Some time ago, when Xiaojuan went to the hospital for a gynecological examination, an embarrassing thing happened. She happened to meet a middle-aged male doctor, which made him feel very blushing and wanted to find a seam to get in.

At first I thought it was all right, but I didn’t expect the inspection I was doing, and I didn’t know who it was. The husband suddenly broke in, which made Xiaojuaner very embarrassed, and said loudly, “Why did a man break in?” The doctor also felt embarrassed and immediately reprimanded the husband.

The experience of this examination also made Xiaojuan very uncomfortable, and she never wanted to go through a gynecological examination again.

I believe that many female friends in life have also had such an experience, and they will also encounter large and small when doing gynecological examinations Accidentally, many women also said that after one gynecological examination, they do not want to have a second gynecological examination. It is precisely because of this reason that the incidence of gynecological diseases is getting higher and higher.

Relevant surveys have also been done on this, and the results show that 500 women over the age of 18 were studied. The object shows that only 49.69% of women do gynecological examinations every year, and 50.31% of women have gynecological examinations at intervals of more than one year.

In fact, this is the case because most women also feel very uncomfortable about gynecological examinations. Fear of fear, why is there such a situation? Let’s analyze it in detail.

Why do I need a gynecological examination?

Maybe, for many people, there are many misunderstandings about gynecological examinations, thinking that young women will not get gynecological diseases, and there is no need for examinations .

However, according to the latest results, only 49.69% of women have annual gynecological examinations, of which 16.6% of women have It is precisely because of the lack of attention to gynecological examinations that a variety of gynecological diseases have arisen.

and indirectly lead to the death of most Chinese women every year due to gynecological diseases, which also seriously threatens people’s health. Health, so doing gynecological examination is also very necessary.

A blushing gynecological exam, or a woman’s “hurdle”?

Gynecological examination is very important for female friends, and it is also a necessary means to maintain female health. Female internal reproductive organs include ovaries, fallopian tubes , There are many diseases of the uterus and vagina, because there are no typical symptoms in the early stage of the disease, so people often ignore the occurrence of aggravating the disease.

And now many women in life neglect their own maintenance, coupled with excessive stress. The reason is also the problem of gynecological diseases. For example, the incidence of cervical cancer is getting higher and higher.

However, many women also neglect to take care of themselves, thinking that doing gynecological examinations is also an important thing for me to do or not. All the same, it is precisely because of this reason that the problem of gynecological diseases is becoming more and more serious.

And most women do not do gynecological examinations because they may face some embarrassing things during gynecological examinations, so they will Choose to refuse, why is there such a situation?

1. Accidentally “encountered” a male doctor

just as in the case Just like Xiaojuan, encountering a male doctor during a gynecological examination also made it very difficult for many women to accept it, especially when they had to take off their pants or take off their clothes during the gynecological examination. Involving privacy issues, this is also difficult for many women to accept.

2. In the physical examination environment, there is nowhere to hide privacy< /p>

Because during gynecological examinations, there is generally no privacy to hide, although there are curtains to separate, but in the face of such a situation, it is also difficult to hide. People blushed, so it was difficult for most people to accept it.

3. Medical equipment is too uncomfortable during physical examination

The physical examination is like some medical equipment, which is also very uncomfortable. Especially when some women perform intrauterine examinations, they also need to implant the device into the vagina of women, so for most women, they will feel very uncomfortable, so they will be more resistant.

A few words to say to the doctor before the test

Sentence 1: “Please make an appointment with a female gynecologist.”

Women can make an appointment with a female doctor in advance before undergoing a gynecological examination, which may avoid embarrassing problems.

Sentence 2: “I have a memo for the inspection, you can ask me questions .”

In order to shorten the physical examination process, you can write down the things you want to ask in advance , and then hand it over to the doctor, which is more conducive to cooperating with the gynecological examination.

Sentence 3: “Please be gentle, I’m afraid of pain.”

Like some gynecological examinations, there may be some instruments that are speculum, because the size is fixed, so many women You may feel very nervous and there will be severe pain. At this time, you must tell the doctor in advance, and the technique should be gentle.

What should I pay attention to before having a gynecological examination?

Notes for gynecological examination 1: Choose the right time

< p data-track="34">Women must pay attention before doing gynecological examinations, preferably not during menstruation, which can easily lead to the opening of the cervix and cause bacterial invasion, induce gynecological diseases, and most It’s better to choose the right time.

Note 2 for gynecological examination: Sexual intercourse should be prohibited before examination

Before the gynecological examination, women must forbid the life of abdominal muscles, which will easily affect the internal vaginal The environment can easily lead to some semen residues, which will affect the results of gynecological examinations.

Note 3 for gynecological examination: Do not douche the vagina p>

Women mustBe careful to avoid doubling the vagina, which will also cause some potential positive bacteria to be washed out, which will affect the accuracy of the results.

Gynecological examination note four: Avoid vaginal drugs< /span>

It is also best for women not to use some vaginal drugs before the gynecological examination to avoid affecting the examination results. Instead, it delays the disease.

Note 5 for gynecological examinations: Relaxation

Women should also pay attention to relax before the gynecological examination, and don’t be too nervous. Even if problems are found, we can treat them in time. will cause too much damage to the body.

Extended reading: Can unmarried women have gynecological examinations? Listen to what the gynecologist has to say

Many women also have such a worry when they have a gynecological examination, that is, if they meet an unmarried When women undergo gynecological examinations, will they damage the hymen and affect women’s health?

In fact, this point can be completely assured. You also have a vulva examination when you have a gynecological examination. For example, Abdominal examination or abdominal B-ultrasound examination. Vaginal secretions can also be checked, so that the hymen will not be damaged.

If the condition requires, a vaginal examination must be performed, and certain measures will be implemented to avoid damage to the hymen, This can also be completely assured, the doctor will only do it after obtaining the consent of the patient.

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