A basic prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of thyroid nodules, regulating qi, resolving phlegm, eliminating blood stasis, and nodules

As the saying goes: A woman holds up half the sky. This is a good word, but the pressure on the half of the sky that women stand up is far greater than that of men.

Women are born with a delicate mind, gentle and forbearing, and when faced with criticism, setbacks, and pressure, they can only bear it silently. These bad emotions are actually some negative energy, and they will stimulate the mental system. , causing liver depression, anxiety, and tension.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, liver stagnation for a long time, spleen Loss of health and good luck will cause phlegm to condense.

Qi stagnation and phlegm turbidity for a long time will block blood circulation and form blood stasis, qi stagnation, phlegm turbidity, blood stasis When the three collude together, it will be like dough, and when it gathers in the neck, it will become a thyroid nodule.

Today I want to talk about a very famous recipe, which is the basic recipe of Chinese medicine for treating gall tumors – seaweed jade pot soup. It was founded by Mr. Chen Shigong, the most famous surgical expert in China, specializing in the treatment of gall tumors.

Fang Jian——

Seaweed, kelp, Pinellia, Fritillaria, tangerine peel, Qingpi, Chuanxiong, Angelica, Forsythia, Licorice Festival, Duhuo each one money (3 grams), kelp five points (1.5 grams).

Let’s analyze this formula.

First of all, the disease is caused by Qi stagnation, but the result is that the neck is swollen, forming a lump. Salt can soften and firm, kelp, seaweed, kelp all grow in seawater, taste salty, and have the effect of softening and hardening, so the seaweed, kelp, and kelp in the square can soften the tumor.

The second group of medicines is the liver-soothing and qi-regulating medicines. Only by soothing the liver and restoring the unobstructed state of the liver-qi can fundamentally improve the condition. Therefore, green peel and tangerine peel came into being. The green peel enters the liver, which can soothe liver qi and break stagnation, and the tangerine peel can regulate the spleen, so that the qi of the liver and spleen can be smoothed, and blood, body fluid, and liquid can flow normally, and they will not be blocked together to form galls.

The third group of medicines is Chuanxiong and Angelica, which have the effect of promoting blood circulation. Because liver qi is stagnant, it will cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, and the blood will not disperse, which will also cause tumor swelling. Therefore, it is essential to promote blood circulation. Chuanxiong activates blood and qi, and angelica promotes blood and blood circulation, so as to avoid tumor swelling and prevent thyroid gland. occurrence of cancer.

The fourth group of medicines is Fritillaria and Pinellia, which have the effect of resolving phlegm. Why do we need to resolve phlegm, because liver qi is not comfortable, it will cause body fluids to fail, the body fluid stops to form phlegm, and the phlegm gathers into lumps, so it is also essential to resolve phlegm.

Fritillaria is good at clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, and Pinellia can dry dampness and resolve phlegm, so when phlegm is eliminated, the tumor will be small.

Finally, add forsythia to clear heat and dissipate knots. Qi stagnation turns into fire, and phlegm and silt stay for a long time will also turn into fire, so proper heat-clearing is necessary. Forsythia is the king of heat-clearing and detoxifying, and it is also good at eliminating agglomeration, so the role of forsythia is essential.

In conclusion, thyroid nodules are essentially caused by liver stagnation and qi stagnation. If liver qi cannot be freely dredged and vented, it will cause the inability of qi, blood and body fluids to flow normally in the body, thereby causing Qi stagnation, body fluid coagulation, blood stasis, phlegm resistance.

After a long period of stasis and fire, the anger finally rises. Therefore, it is necessary to soothe the liver and regulate the qi, so that the body can be well improved.

Okay, let’s talk about that first.