A 75-year-old man wakes up after lying in bed: Saving money for my own retirement is the most regretful decision I have ever made in my life

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75 The old man woke up after lying in bed: saving money for my own retirement is the most regretful decision I have made in my life. Why is it like this, and what happened to it, let’s take a look.

Uncle Shen, 75 years old

I did a lot of work when I was young. At first, because I didn’t have the skills, I could only go to the factory to work as a general worker. Later, I learned auto repair technology while working part-time, and when I was 35 years old, I chose to start my own business. I used my previous savings to open an auto repair shop, because at that time there were only a handful of local auto repair shops, and my customers were endless, and it was very busy every day. I can say how busy I am. I arrived at the factory at 7 am and was busy until 9 pm before returning home.

The work is very hard every day. I think men just have to work hard. The operation of the repair shop has made me a lot of money. By the time I was 50, I had bought two houses in the city. I have two sons, and I have been fond of them since I was a child. Later, when I was 60 years old, the repair shop was transferred to someone else, and both sons also had their own families.

I think when I was young, I worked all the time, and when I was old, I should enjoy my life. After retirement, my two sons asked us to take care of the children, but my wife and I refused. Because we want to travel and see the outside world. Because we didn’t help our son take care of the children, this affected our relationship, and the two sons were not as close to us as before.

I just thought that I would not rely on my son for old age in the future. I would save money for my own old age. When my two sons needed money, I didn’t help, and I thought about keeping the money for myself. With, this has led to increasing tension with my two sons. At the beginning, my wife was in good health and we had a good time, but when I was 70, my wife passed away, leaving me to live alone.

Although I have a savings of 500,000 yuan, I do not need to depend on my children in terms of money, but I also need to obtain other emotional needs from my children. My two sons don’t usually come to see me except for Chinese New Year and festivals. As soon as I called them, they said that they were busy with work, and then hung up quickly.

Two years ago I suffered from severe gouty arthritis, which made me bedridden. At this time, I wanted to let my son take care of me, but both sons were reluctant Come on, I know it’s all my own doing. I had no choice but to hire a carer to take care of me, but after all, the carer only got paid to go to work, and many times the carer was not responsible for me.

I want my son to take care of me more than a nurse, but my two sons say they are busy all day and don’t have time to see me, which makes me very sad. Now I wake up in bed, saving money for my retirement is the most regretful decision I have ever made in my life. Relationships are difficult to reunite. I didn’t properly maintain my relationship with my son at the beginning, which caused the bitter fruit of today. I really regret it.