A 55-year-old man with cerebral infarction and paralysis in the middle of the night reminds middle-aged and elderly people to do 3 things less after dinner

The 55-year-old Lao Wang is a person who pays more attention to health. He usually does not drink or smoke, and his diet is very light. He likes to exercise and runs in the park when he has nothing to do. But who would have thought that such a person would be paralyzed in bed due to cerebral infarction.

About half a year ago, when Pharaoh was active, he occasionally felt flustered. I drool every night while sleeping, and wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and feel a little wet on my pillow.

But because it has little impact on life, and the palpitation can be relieved after rest, Pharaoh didn’t pay attention.

Just last week, after Pharaoh woke up in the morning, suddenly experienced numbness in his right hand and choking after drinking water, but Pharaoh still didn’t pay attention, just lying on the sofa watching TV.

After dinner, Lao Wang felt a little sleepy, so he decided to take a bath to refresh himself. As a result, shortly after entering, the wife heard a loud “bang” inside, and the wife heard the sound.Found that the old Wang was motionless on the ground, and he did not respond when he shouted< /span>.

This frightened his wife, so he quickly dialed 120 and sent him to the doctor. The CT scan of the head showed that he had a large area of ​​cerebral infarction on the left side of the brain.

Fortunately, after active treatment, Pharaoh saved his life. However, due to the large size of the infarction, right limb paralysis and poor speech and other sequelae will accompany Pharaoh for life.

Cerebral infarction is not uncommon in life, but many people are like Lao Wang In the same way, ignoring the “call for help” sent by the body eventually ushered in such an ending. I hope Lao Wang’s story can remind everyone: Don’t ignore the “early warning” of cerebral infarction.

1. Why does “bathing after meals” induce cerebral infarction?

Many people have done taking a shower after dinner, but to many people’s surprise, “taking a shower after a meal” actually induces cerebral infarction. What is going on? ?

Cerebral infarction, in simple terms, is a disease in which blood vessels in the brain are blocked due to thrombosis. If not treated in time, it may cause hemiplegia, aphasia and other problems, which can seriously endanger life.

How dangerous is a cerebral infarction? About 2 million people die every year in our country, and about 75% of the survivors are incapacitated to varying degrees, and 4% are severely disabled.

The causes of cerebral infarction can be roughly divided into two types:

One is unhealthy lifestyle< /span>, including smoking and drinking, high salt and low potassium, lack of exercise, obesity, emotional agitation, etc.;

The second is disease factors , including hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, fatty liver, arrhythmia, etc.

Then why does “bathing after meals” cause cerebral infarction?

This is mainly because after a full stomach, the blood will concentrate in the stomach, and the blood supply to other parts will decrease accordingly. And then take a bath at this time, under the action of hot water, the speed of blood flow will be significantly accelerated, and the blood vessels may contract abnormally, and even spasm . Coupled with the effect of high pressure, the plaque or thrombus in the blood vessel will be impacted, which will eventually induce cerebral infarction.

In addition to “bathing after meals”, these two things should also be done less after dinner, especially for middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure:

Lying down after a meal

Lying down or sitting still after a meal can slow down The speed of gastrointestinal digestion and the inability to consume excess calories in the body in time will easily increase blood lipids, which may eventually induce cerebral infarction.

Smoke after meals

After eating, the digestive system also starts to work, when Gastrointestinal peristalsis is more frequent, blood circulation is accelerated, and the pores of the body are also opened. At this time, smoking, harmful substances in the smoke can increase the aggregation of platelets and increase blood viscosity.

At the same time, it reduces the cerebral blood flow, which in turn causes or accelerates atherosclerosis and makes the onset of cerebral thrombosis earlier.

Second, there are 4 signs at night, be alert to the possibility of cerebral infarction

< p>The advent of cerebral infarction is traceable. If the following abnormalities occur before or during sleep, it may be a precursor to cerebral infarction.

1. Drooling while sleeping

Especially on one side, be on high alert for cerebral infarction , When the blood vessels in the brain are blocked, it can affect the coordination of muscles and nerves, especially the impact on the oral cavity is more obvious, it is easy to drool during sleep.

2. Unilateral limb numbness

is also a typical symptom before cerebral infarction. Great performance, because the brain is the commander-in-chief of the body and is responsible for controlling all the actions and language we do, so when the brain goes wrong, the limbs will also be affected.

3, dizziness,Headache

If hypertensive patients experience dizziness and headache inexplicably, they should also be alert to cerebral infarction, which is a major signal of its onset, mainly due to the caused by insufficient blood supply.

4. Frequent yawning

If you have a history of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc., Frequent yawning recently is likely to be an early warning of a cerebral infarction, requiring prompt medical attention.

If any of the above conditions occur, especially those with a history of hypertension, it is necessary to seek medical examination and treatment in time to avoid the further development of cerebral infarction.

Third, if you don’t want to “get yourself into trouble” with cerebral infarction, keep 4 kinds of food away as much as possible

< p>The occurrence of cerebral infarction is inseparable from bad eating habits. Even many people’s cerebral infarction is caused by “eating”. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less of the following foods.

1. Fried foods

such as fried skewers, chicken chops, French fries Etc., after such foods are fried at high temperature, a large amount of aromatic hydrocarbons can be produced, and the oil content is relatively high. Eating a large amount of these foods can increase the fat content in the blood, which is easy to produce thrombotic plaques, thereby inducing cerebral infarction.

2. Alcohol

Long-term heavy drinking is very harmful to the liver, because alcohol mainly Relying on the metabolism and decomposition of the liver, for a long time, it is easy to cause fatty liver, which affects the metabolism of fat, thereby increasing blood viscosity, thereby increasing the incidence of cerebral infarction.

3. High-fat foods

For example, fatty meat, animal offal, fatty meat, etc. These foods are relatively high in fat. Excessive eating can aggravate atherosclerosis and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. High-salt foods

For example, the salt content of often eating salted fish and pickles High foods can increase the level of sodium ions in the blood, thereby affecting the elasticity of the blood vessel wall, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis, and thus increasing the incidence of cerebral infarction.

Summary: Cerebral infarction is a very dangerous disease, with disability rate, death The rate is very high, so we should pay attention to prevention, try our best to develop good living habits, and have basic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and timely control them.

If you have suspicious symptoms, seek medical attention in time to reduce the damage caused by cerebral infarction.


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