7 common constitution tongue coating analysis + precious tongue diagnosis map, quickly collect

Tongue diagnosis, also known as looking at the tongue, is one of the important methods for diagnosing and understanding diseases by observing the changes of tongue images to understand the physiological functions and pathological changes of the body.

The tongue corresponds to the five internal organs

In fact, the five internal organs have reflection areas on the tongue. For disease information, the root of the tongue generally refers to the bladder and kidneys of the lower energizer, which is clear at a glance by looking at the picture below.

The normal tongue has two indicators, one is the color of the tongue, and the other is the thickness and size of the tongue. You may wish to stick your tongue out in the mirror to see. A healthy tongue is “pale red tongue with thin white fur”. Spiritual and flexible. When sticking out the tongue, the size of the tongue is slightly spaced from the corner of the mouth; even if the mouth is opened for a few minutes, the tongue is not easy to dry. The sublingual vein is lavender, indicating smooth blood circulation and good health. If it is too pale or white, it means cold or lack of qi and blood; if it is red or purple, it means the body is hot; if it is dark purple, it means there is blood stasis.

Looking at the color of the tongue coating

Tongue diagnosis is an important basis for doctors to diagnose diseases, observe conditions, decide treatment, and evaluate prognosis. , Different colors of tongue coating, corresponding to what disease.

1White fur

In addition to normal people without disease, white fur is more common in mild disease, the early stage of the disease and the recovery period of the disease.

2 Yellow greasy fur

The tongue fur is yellow and sticky, and the particles are tight and sticky, which is called yellow greasy fur. The main disease of yellow greasy fur: mainly the accumulation of damp-heat, phlegm-drinking heat or food stagnation and other symptoms; also the main symptoms of exogenous summer heat, damp-temperature and other symptoms.

3Grey black fur

It is mainly caused by the proliferation and blackening of tongue filiform papillae. The color of black moss can have different shades such as brown-black, gray-black, burnt-black and even pitch black. If this moss appears, the disease period will be longer and the disease will be more complicated and serious. Of course, black moss is not necessarily a serious illness, and there are also black moss formed due to not paying attention to oral hygiene.

4 red tongue coating

This type of tongue can easily be confused with a healthy tongue. The difference is that the color will be darker compared to the first one. Bright red indicates heat in the body. People with this tongue usually bleed after brushing their teeth.

7 common physiques to understand at a glance!

【Before you look at your tongue, you should pay attention】Don’t eat colored things such as coffee and orange juice; don’t watch it when you wake up in the morning; don’t watch it half an hour after a meal; take antibiotics, chemical additives Don’t look at it.

1 Qi deficiency: people with enough Qi and Qi deficiency look very different

Main manifestations of Qi deficiency: dull complexion, poor physical strength, easy to feel fatigued , Afraid of cold, afraid of wind, easy to catch cold, easy to bloat after eating, and loose stools. People with qi deficiency tend to have a fat tongue

Look at the tongue:

2 Phlegm dampness: People with phlegm-dampness are most likely to have three highs.

The main manifestations of phlegm-dampness are: people who eat too much, too well, people who often “entertainment”, often eat late-night snacks, and have ingested liquids Too much and bad mood. Spleen deficiency will lead to aggravation of dampness in the human body, and further development will lead to phlegm-dampness constitution.

Look at the tongue:

white and thick tongue coating People who are greasy can eat more winter melon, ginger, etc. It is recommended that winter melon, coix seed, yam, and ginger be boiled together, and Huoxiangzhengqi water can also be used. If the tongue coating is yellow and greasy, and the therapeutic effect is not great, some Chinese patent medicines can be used. Such as Huanglian Shangqing Pills, Danzhi Xiaoyao Pills, etc.

The ancient recipe for removing dampness and phlegm, “Wendan Decoction” formula: Poria, tangerine peel, Pinellia, Bamboo Ru, Citrus, Chicao

Usage: Add water to the above medicines, boil the pot for 30 minutes, divide the concoction into two parts, add warm water in the morning and evening, soak the feet for 20 minutes each time, the water temperature should not be too hot , the water will cover the feet.

3 yang deficiency: lack of yang qi makes life cringe

Main manifestations of yang deficiency: fear of wind and cold, especially the abdomen and lower limbs, pale complexion, no blood, frequent urination, clear and long urine, a lot of urine, loss of libido, abdominal and stomach Cold hurts.

Look at the tongue:

conditioning Proprietary Chinese medicines for yang deficiency constitution: if kidney yang is insufficient, you can take Jinkui Shenqi Pills; the elderly can take Jinkui Shenqi Pills if they get up too much at night; you can take Fuzi Lizhong Pills if you have stomach pains when you touch something cold.

4 blood deficiency: people who can nourish blood age slowly

Main manifestations of blood deficiency: Squatting down for a short time and then standing up will cause dizziness, poor memory, insomnia, some people will have many dreams, haggard, unwilling to think about things, easily fatigued, and the body temperature is consistent with the external environment.

Look at the tongue:

5 Yin deficiency: the most anxious and angry master

The main manifestations of yin deficiency are: large temper, rapid pulse, hot palms and feet, poor sleep, night sweats, dry stool, yellow urine, and weak waist and knees.

Look at the tongue:

6 Qi depression: calming the nerves can be powerful

Main manifestations of Qi depression For: bitter and dry mouth, dry throat, dizziness, poor appetite, not wanting to eat, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, nausea, acid regurgitation, upward regurgitation, chest tightness, palpitations, abnormal heartbeat, pain in the ribs The place, insomnia and dreaming. Qi stagnation is when we say that the liver qi is disturbed.

Look at the tongue:

7 Blood Stasis: Aging is the process of increasing congestion in the body

Blood The main manifestations of stasis are: poor memory. Bruises appear in many parts of the body, often feel dry throat, dry, unsmooth skin, bloodshot skin, and often pain in certain parts of the body.

In addition to trauma, surgery, anger, qi deficiency, cold, etc., which can lead to congestion, “heat” can also cause congestion, because “heat” will evaporate the liquid in the blood, making the blood thicker, and the body will become thicker. Bleeding occurs.

Look at the tongue:

Special reminder
If a person’s tongue coating is originally very clean, but suddenly thickens and other changes, it means that the digestive function and circulatory function of the internal organs have germinated some diseases, and it is best to consult a doctor in time. In addition, the physique is sometimes not single, and often a person has multiple physiques, which is quite complicated. Therefore, to identify the physique, you must find a professional doctor to diagnose and prescribe the right medicine.