6 bad habits or are quietly “stealing” men’s life, want to live longer? Better to change it all

In one’s life, there are many things to pursue, including longevity. Everyone hopes to live longer and live longer. To be healthier, but this wish is not impossible.

In spite of this, in real life, there are still many men who develop bad living habits, which lead to Damaged health.

Women, on average, live longer than men, according to a multi-year survey by WHO and the United Nations Population Organization The life expectancy is 10 years longer, so male friends should pay more attention to their own health and get rid of bad habits.

One: 6 bad habits or quietly “stealing” men’s life expectancy, want to live longer? It’s better to change them all

1. Never leave the cigarette< /span>

Whether it is for communication or stress relief, many people have developed the habit of smoking, even smoking Don’t leave your hands, you must know that smoking is very harmful to the body.

There are thousands of harmful ingredients in cigarettes, especially nicotine and tar after lighting, which can harm the lungs serious damage to the body, cardiovascular, and other blood vessels in the body

Excessive cigarette poison accumulates in the body, which will cause smokers to look dark , The spirit does not fight, and the smoke does not leave the hand is also one of the reasons for accelerating the aging of men. For the sake of health, I hope you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

2. Long-term skipping breakfast< /p>

Men have to take time to eat breakfast no matter how busy they are at work. Skipping breakfast for a long time will disrupt the body’s biological clock and prevent the body from getting more nutrients It reduces the risk of basal metabolism and is prone to gallstones.

When eating breakfast, you should ensure that the breakfast is nutritious, with a reasonable intake of protein and carbohydrates. In addition, Don’t gobble it, eating slowly and carefully is more conducive to the body’s absorption of nutrients.

3, stay up late

The damage to the body caused by staying up all night is not only caused by dark circles, bags under the eyes, aging and other problems. Staying up late for a long time will disturb the body’s biological clock and increase the risk of disease.

Long-term chaotic work and rest will break the balance of the body, reduce the body’s resistance, and allow diseases to take advantage of the weakness In addition, staying up late will also cause metabolic disorders, lead to endocrine disorders, and increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Drinking

It’s well known that drinking alcohol is bad for your health, but many people have made it a part of their lives that can be hard to quit.

Drinking alcohol will damage the liver function. After alcohol enters the human body, it needs to be decomposed and metabolized by the liver. Heavy drinking will damage the liver. The burden is getting heavier and heavier. Over time, it will lead to fatty liver, alcoholic liver and other diseases, and even induce liver cancer.

5. Prolonged sedentary or contact with electronic products

Sedentary for a long time, sitting for more than eight hours a day, will affect the blood circulation of the lower extremities and cause obesity and osteoporosis, and can also cause chronic prostatitis, so stand up for ten minutes every hour of sitting.

In addition, long-term exposure to electronic products, such as mobile phones and computers, reduces sleep, exercise, and interpersonal interactions, increasing the risk of cognitive impairment and depression.

6, Excessive stress or being in a noisy environment

Men are in a state of high stress for a long time, and excessive stress can easily lead to increased blood pressure.

Staying in a noise-polluted environment for a long time will reduce hearing function and may cause irreversible damage to hearing.< /span>

Two: Do ​​the following 8 things that may be good for your health and help you live longer< /u>

1. Drink a glass of warm water

Drinking a glass of warm water without eating after getting up in the morning can help us expel toxins from the intestines and reduce blood concentration. It is good for our health and can help us to live longer.

2. Rinse with warm water

After a night of sleep, the bacteria that remain in the mouth will multiply in large numbers. Rinsing your mouth after getting up early can remove most of the pathogenic microorganisms in the mouth in time, and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria in the The budding state prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

3. Soak face in cold water p>

Washing your face with cold water is an effective exercise for the mucosal blood vessels of the upper respiratory tract, which can enhance resistance and reduce colds, as well as reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

4. Laugh a lot p>

Laughing can reduce stress, help lower blood pressure, improve immune system function, and even reduce pain. When someone with a sense of humor developed a major illness, they were 30% more likely to be cured or better.

5. Singing is pleasant

< p data-track="35">Research finds that opera singers have more active hearts than the general population.

6. Healthy Eating p>

According to the advocacy of many health experts, it should be: eat a full breakfast, eat a good lunch, and eat a small dinner. However, in reality, many white-collar workers and office workers do not eat breakfast, make do with lunch, and have a full meal for dinner.

If you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, it is easy to get cholecystitis, and if you don’t eat lunch on time, it is easy to get stomach problems. Don’t be picky eaters, and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables at every meal.

7. Do not suppress yourself< /p>

Patients who suppress their irritability too much have a faster pulse, which in the long run can lead to high blood pressure and increased risk of other diseases, such as coronary Heart disease, cancer, and kidney damage.

8. Sun exposure< /strong>

Bathing in the sun, stretching, breathing in the fresh air, just think about it. Plus, let your skin receive the sun Irradiation also helps lower blood pressure, which reduces people’s risk of stroke and heart attack.

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