5G + smart medical care facilitates people in Hubei revolutionary base to see a doctor

This article is reprinted from: People’s Daily Online

Hubei Mobile 5G helps to speed up medical rescue.

On April 17, at the Yingshan County People’s Hospital in the old revolutionary area of ​​Hubei, 65-year-old Uncle Wang experienced a new smart 5G medical equipment in the hospital. “In the past, after the infusion was completed in the hospital, you needed to call the nurse yourself. Now, the nurse can clearly see how much the infusion is left in the background; it used to be that the nursing staff or family members had to wait for each department for the results of various tests. With this nursing car, there is no need to run around. It’s really convenient.”

On June 28 last year, China Mobile Hubei Company launched the 5G smart medical treatment project of Yingshan County People’s Hospital. At present, a 5G medical private network has been built for the hospital to meet the core business development of the hospital’s big data traffic. At the same time, 5G smart ambulances, 5G medical carts, remote consultation and other applications have been created, allowing people to reach thousands of miles away from zero distance, injecting new vitality into the healthy new countryside.

In this 5G “smart medical building”, in addition to doctors and nurses, two types of mobile medical equipment can be seen everywhere, “mobile nurse station” and “5G nursing car”. According to reports, based on the powerful 5G network, the “mobile nurse station” and “5G nursing car” can bring all information and resources to the required scene in real time, greatly improving the work efficiency of medical staff and improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

According to reports, Hubei Mobile has installed 217 5G wireless hotspots in the inpatient building, Chinese medical building, infection building, and internal medicine building of Yingshan County People’s Hospital, converting 5G private network signals into wireless signals to the building. The internal ward is fully covered, and a 5G medical industry private network that meets the needs of 5G smart medical applications has been built. “We have changed the previous chimney network pattern, built a flexible, scalable, and reliable fully connected private network, and fully leveraged the advantages of China Mobile’s cloud-network integration and cloud-edge-end synergy. Expand the service boundaries and capabilities of smart medical applications, create security protection measures that integrate the terminal, network, and cloud, provide security services that meet national security standards, ensure the security of medical business data, and expand and interconnect 5G medical applications in the later stage. Lay the foundation.” The relevant person in charge of Hubei Mobile introduced.

Hubei Mobile builds a 5G medical industry private network that meets the needs of 5G smart medical applications.

In the post-epidemic era, with the continuous development and popularization of 5G technology, as well as the extensive integration of 5G with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, in Hubei, remote consultation, intelligent guidance, and smart hospital management have been implemented. Applications continue to land.

The relevant person in charge of Hubei Mobile introduced that the high speed, large bandwidth and low latency of 5G network can solve the problem of real-time transmission of high-definition image data. For example, the 5G network has made ambulances equipped with high-definition video communication a reality, and built a 5G green “pre-hospital first aid” channel for critically ill patients, making first aid faster and racing against time to save patients’ lives.

“With the support of the 5G network, as soon as the medical staff in the ambulance come into contact with the patient, they can send the patient’s morbidity and physiological data to the remote emergency room center in real time. The video ‘faces’ the patient to judge the condition, and based on this, formulates the optimal emergency diagnosis and treatment process design, and configures the relevant rescue medical equipment, so as to relieve the emergency pressure to a certain extent.”

The more data travels, the fewer patients Tired. With the help of 5G communication technology, Hubei Mobile will continue to build systems such as remote consultation, so that patients can receive “face-to-face” medical guidance from well-known experts in primary hospitals, and continue to explore and launch VR visitation, medical robots, 5G remote surgery, and remote ultrasound based on 5G. The application under the network truly realizes that information will travel more and the masses will run less errands, effectively improving the quality of medical services for outpatients in primary medical institutions, strengthening the level of primary medical care in old revolutionary base areas, and improving patients’ sense of gain and happiness. (Photo/Wang Zheng)