4 aspects tell you, when doing strength training, how long to train is the most appropriate!

Some fitness friends spend 2 hours in the gym every day in order to grow their muscles faster, but we exercise often, so you know how long it takes to exercise according to scientific training methods. Is it suitable?

From a scientific point of view, we need to know that the efficiency of exercise is inversely proportional to time. It will reduce the effectiveness of our exercise. The reason is below, let’s find out together.

1. The longer the exercise time, the easier it is to distract the exercise attention, and the effect will be reduced.

Our fitness exercise time is generally about 40 minutes, and with the exercise time prolonged, our attention will be distracted. Especially in strength training, the stimulation of our target muscles sometimes relies on the idea of ​​​​to complete the stimulation of the target muscles. As the exercise time increases, the trainer’s attention is reduced, which will make our exercise posture and Mistakes can occur, resulting in bodily injury. When our friends who have just participated in the fitness training have a long-term training, they will have a great emotional resistance to fitness, and will give up fitness due to muscle fatigue, so it is very important for us to arrange fitness time reasonably.

2. It is important to increase the training intensity during exercise

In training, we increase our training intensity to Improve your workouts. If our training time is shortened, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise intensity, so that the effect of the exercise will be obvious.

First of all, in the training, we take the method of increasing the load to practice, such as increasing the weight, the number of sets and the number of times, arrange a reasonable training plan, adjust the interval time appropriately, and arrange the training time at 40 -60 minutes.

3. Pay attention to your exercise time, do not use time to evaluate the effect of exercise

Although we stipulate that our exercise time is within 40-60 minutes, but often ignore the reasonable arrangement of time, often after a set of exercises, use the mobile phone to kill time, and sometimes chat with friends, which will reduce the time for exercise, but we have done useless work Therefore, it is very important to arrange your time and exercise plan reasonably.

Through the above description, we all know that the exercise time is short, and the effect of exercise will not be achieved. If the time is too long, it will affect our physical health. Therefore, setting the time within a reasonable range is the best way. Good choice.

The suggested schedule is as follows, subject to 4 training sessions per week. Trainers, if they want to practice aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise separately, practice aerobic exercise one day and anaerobic exercise one day, and the time for each exercise should be set at 40 minutes. If we arrange aerobic and anaerobic exercise in one day, it is recommended to practice anaerobic exercise for half an hour, and then do aerobic exercise for half an hour.

For those who choose to practice aerobic exercise, 40-60 minutes of training time is the best arrangement.