3pm today! Bioanalytical Strategies for Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

In recent years, new drugs and new therapies, represented by cell and gene therapy drugs, have emerged, providing revolutionary solutions for a variety of diseases including rare diseases, genetic diseases, tumors and chronic diseases The program has become a hot spot in current drug research and development. Gene therapy drugs are developed on the basis of nucleic acids, and treat diseases through gene expression proteins or gene regulation; while cell therapy uses cells as a tool to treat diseases. The short development time of gene and cell therapy, and the chemical properties and structures of drugs are different from traditional chemical drugs and protein drugs, which pose many challenges for biological analysis in clinical research. How to carry out scientific and systematic research on biological analysis related to pharmacokinetics (PK), immunogenicity (ADA and Nab), and pharmacodynamics (PD) in gene and cell therapy clinical trials to become a medical institution, A common problem faced by pharmaceutical companies and regulators.

September 26 at 3pm, Dr. Diao Jianbo, Director of the Bioanalytical Division of WuXi AppTec’s Testing Division will be in the WuXi Live Room , to share with you the bioanalytical strategies and applications of cell and gene therapy clinical trials. Everyone is welcome to participate!