3,000 yuan tickets have become more than 10,000 yuan

[CNMO News] Big data is familiar, I believe everyone knows it. In some cases, some websites or platforms not only do not offer discounts to old users, but also want to earn more money from old users. And on August 2, CNMO noticed that artist Ma Tianyu made complaints about this behavior, and it can be seen from the words that Ma Tianyu was obviously angered by the data.


Ma Tianyu said that the data of Ctrip is a bit disgusting, obviously the ticket of more than 3,000 yuan, click in It became more than 6,000, and finally it became more than 10,000. It was too ugly to eat. For an ordinary ticket, the price has tripled directly. If this is true, it is really difficult to accept. For artists, they should often travel to and from different places for work, and the probability of using Ctrip to travel should be more frequent than ordinary users. If an old user encounters such a situation, it is reasonable to feel angry.

Ma Tianyu said that Ctrip is too ugly

At present, Ctrip has a high presence in the domestic travel market . At the end of June, Ctrip Group released its own financial data for the first quarter of 2022. According to the information, Ctrip Group’s net revenue in the first quarter of 2022 was 4.1 billion yuan, and the net loss attributable to the company’s shareholders was 989 million yuan. In comparison, Ctrip’s profit reached 1.8 billion yuan in the same period last year.