3 in Linyi! List of Creation Units of Eco-tourism Zones in Shandong Province Announced

On July 31, the launching ceremony of the 2022 Shandong Yellow River Ecotourism Experience Season was held in Gaoqing, Zibo. At the launching ceremony, the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment jointly released the “List of Creation Units of Eco-tourism Areas in Shandong Province”, and a total of 34 units from 16 cities in Shandong were selected. The list is as follows:

Jinan City: (2)

Shui Mo Shuangquan Ecotourism Area in Changqing District

Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Group Tourist Area in Southern Mountains


Qingdao City: (2)

Laoshan Mountain Cherry Valley Ecological Tourism Area

West Coast New Area Zangma Mountain Tourism Area

Zibo City: (2)

Swan Lake International Slow City Ecotourism Area in Gaoqing County

Mata Lake National Wetland Park in Huantai County

Zaozhuang City: (2 pcs)

Tengzhou Weishan Lake Honghe Wetland Tourist Area

Baodugu Tourist Area, Shanting District

Dongying City: (2)


Gudao Huaishin Tourist Area in Hekou District

Longju Bay Eco-tourism Area in Dongying District

Yantai City: (3)

Bohai New Area Custer Ecotourism Area

Penglai District Qiu Valley Ecotourism Area

Laizhou Daji Mountain Tourism Area

Weifang City: (3)

Zhucheng Zhushan Ecological Tourism Zone

Linqu County Songshan Ecological Tourism Zone

Qingzhou Yangtian Mountain National Forest Park

Jining City: (2 )

Yutai County Huihe Wetland Ecological Tourism Area

Liangshan County Liangshan Tourism Area

Taian City: (3)

Daiyue District Taishan Jiunv Peak Eco-tourism Area

Cuiwen Scenic Spot Lulai Mountain Wenhe Eco-tourism Area

Dongping County Dongping Lake Eco-tourism Area

Weihai City: (1)

Rongcheng Shidao Ecological Tourism Zone

Rizhao City: (2)

Wulian Mountain Scenic Spot in Wulian County< /p>

Tiantai Mountain Tourist Area, Donggang District

Linyi City: (3)

Zhujialin Eco-tourism Area, Yinan County

Yaoyougou Tourist Area in Lanling County

Daigu Landform Tourist Area in Mengyin County p>

Dezhou City: (2)

Millennium Jujube Forest Ecological Tourism Zone in Leling City

Xiajin County Yellow River Ancient Road Ecological Tourism Zone

chat City: (2)

Dong’e County Yellow River National Forest Park

Jingyanggang Tourist Area, Yanggu County

Binzhou City: (2)< /p>

Ma Dahu Tourist Area in Boxing County

Sunzi Cultural Ecological Tourism Area in Huimin County

Heze City: (1)

Giant Qinglong Mountain Ecotourism Area in Ye County