3 different styles of “Climbing the Stork Tower”, Wang Zhihuan is the most famous, and the other two are also classics

There are many works of the same name in “Full Tang Poems”, so that Makes people like to compare, want to see who writes better? Of course, there is a problem with such a comparison itself. You can only look at the comments. There is no need to take it seriously. After all, there is no unified standard for literature; not to mention that everyone has different understandings of literature, so the comparison of literature It’s a stupid thing. I personally don’t agree with doing this here, not to mention that someone is more intelligent, and someone is more talented.

Wang Zhihuan, a poet in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, wrote a famous five-character quatrain “Climbing the Stork Tower”, which was widely circulated and became the most familiar Tang poem. The language of the whole poem is concise, not only very lyrical, but also full of philosophy. For anyone who can understand the meaning and integrate that philosophy into life, I believe it will be helpful and able to understand more. More truths, more things to learn. It is for this reason that this poem is also included in elementary school textbooks all year round.

In the daytime, the mountains end, and the Yellow River flows into the sea.

If you want to be poor, go to the next level.

Wang Zhihuan’s poem is catchy. At that time, the poet was thirty-five years old. He was in trouble in his career, and he was unsatisfactory everywhere. He used to be the chief clerk of Hengshui County, Jizhou, and was soon dismissed because of being framed; But he did not give up his pursuit of life, he still faced life calmly and faced life with a smile. This tenacious spirit has also touched countless readers in later generations, so the last two sentences have also become life mottos.

Chang Dang and Wu Rong in the late Tang Dynasty also wrote “Climbing the Stork Tower”, the former What I wrote is also the Five Greats, and the latter is the Seven Laws. The author is not trying to compare it here, but I just want to tell you that there are several “Climbing the Stork Tower” included in “Full Tang Poems”. If you are interested in these works If you are a friend of yours, you can buy a copy of “Complete Tang Poems” to read. Some of the works in it are actually very interesting. Although the poet’s works are little known, they are also rare masterpieces.

On the flying birds, higher than the earth.

Tianshi surrounds the plains, and the river flows into the broken mountains.

This is a smooth work. Many people may be unfamiliar with this poet. He is also a famous talent in the late Tang Dynasty, and many works have been circulated in the world. However, there are few records about him, the year of birth and death is unknown, and only a few poems have been circulated in the world, so this “Climbing the Stork Tower” is also one of his more representative works. The whole article is also very imposing. The first two sentences describe the shape of the Stork Tower, and use the birds as a foil, which makes us immediately feel the majesty of this type of building. However, after the last two sentences, I turned my pen and wrote the scenery I saw standing upstairs. The sky and the earth were vast, and the surrounding fields were shrouded. disappeared before my eyes.

I personally think that this song “Climbing the Stork Tower” is also a classic. The whole poem, whether it is the momentum or the description of the surrounding environment, has reached a state of perfection. , but not as famous as Wang Zhihuan, and naturally not many people have read it.

The birds are watching from the bottom of the forest, and the setting sun is endless.

Frozen rivers run turbulently, snow washes tiaoshan scattered cold.

Beginning as a man who left his homeland, he was afraid of Chang’an because of his recent difficulties.

Ancestor whipped Zhetuweier and won the negative fishing rod in Yunxi.

I believe that many people will also feel unfamiliar with this poem, so this one is “Climbing the Stork Tower” by Wu Rong, a poet in the late Tang Dynasty. The style of this poem is different. In this one In the poem, I did not write about the mood when I climbed the building, but focused on describing the surrounding scenery and my inner feelings at that time. It was from the scene that I wrote my own interpretation of life. a place.

Wu Rong was quite influential among the Tang Dynasty poets, but he This poem is also little-known. The first couplet and the chin couplet are completely depicting the scene, and they create a poignant artistic conception, which also makes this poem immediately full of sorrow. The neck couplet and the tail couplet again wrote about my inner feelings at that time, and they formed a sharp contrast with the previous sentences. It is also full of emotion to read.

The three poems are actually three different styles, and the moods they create are naturally quite different. Wang Zhihuan’s works are more about giving people strength and telling us a lot of big truths; The whole chapter of “Climbing the Stork Tower” is all about setting scenery, and it’s all about expressing emotion. The last song has scenes and psychological changes. Each of them is a rare masterpiece, and they are all written with charm, so they are also worth reading.