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Cabbage is a vegetable that everyone often eats. It is also called cabbage and cabbage. It contains a lot of nutrients and tastes crisp and delicious. Do you know the benefits of cabbage? There are many ways to do it. It can be fried or eaten cold. There are food taboos. What are the taboos of cabbage?

Benefits of cabbage

I. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

Eating cabbage regularly can prevent cancer. There are more phytochemicals in cabbage, which can play an antioxidant role As well as the effect of enhancing the function of the human immune system, eating cabbage can also help the body detoxify, and these substances can also prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body.

You must know that cabbage contains more vitamins, these vitamins will interact with phytochemicals in the body, and then play a role in protecting the body from Free radical damage, insisting on eating cabbage can promote cell metabolism, so eating cabbage regularly can prevent cancer.

Second, alleviating skin diseases

There are a variety of vitamins in cabbage, as well as more sulfur elements, these substances in the body, can play a role in Itching, insecticidal, antibacterial and other effects. Eating some cabbage regularly can treat and prevent skin diseases very well. Everyone finds that they have eczema, ringworm or some skin diseases, then they can drink cabbage juice.

Three, relieve the discomfort of ulcers

The leaves of cabbage can be juiced, and after drinking, it can play a role in the treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. The main reason is that in cabbage, there are some factors that can promote ulcer healing. These substances have a certain effect on improving gastric ulcer, so everyone can eat cabbage often.

Especially for people with some stomach diseases, eating some cabbage properly can not only prevent the aggravation of stomach diseases, but also reduce the chance of suffering from digestive tract tumors.

Fourth, promote metabolism

There is a lot of tryptophan in cabbage. In addition, It also contains a lot of potassium, which can play a role in regulating the water content in the human body. It has a certain improvement effect on the metabolism of the human body, which can promote the metabolism of some excess water in the human body, and achieve a series of effects such as promoting metabolism and detoxification.

Five, laxatives

If constipation often occurs, then you can eat some cabbage properly, or drink cabbage juice, which can Play a laxative effect. Cabbage contains a lot of raffinose, which can quickly enter the large intestine and play a role in regulating the balance of intestinal flora. It can also prevent some toxins in the intestinal tract from invading the intestinal tract and achieve the effect of preventing some intestinal cancers.

Cabbage recipe

Cabbage salad