21RV Sichuan-Tibet Travel|Overnight at Xinduqiao Camp and arrive at Litang, the world’s highest city

On July 24th, I set off from Kangding in the morning and climbed the Zheduo Mountain at an altitude of 4280 meters. At 7 am at the Zheduo Mountain Pass, the temperature was less than 6℃. I wore a military coat and cotton pants at all. Not too much. We tested the diesel heater of Dachi Manniu (self-developed plateau version diesel heater), and the temperature inside the car is stable at 21℃, which is just right for those who wear thick clothes.

< span>Back in the RV, the small food that was carried in the car has swelled up at the high altitude and is as cute as a small pillow.

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After going down the mountain, we passed another 318 station , the landmark logo here has a strong Sichuan-Tibet style compared to the previous ones, and it is also more formal. Most of us are here for the first time, so we have to take a few pictures here. “Come here” punch card photo. A devout colleague saw Manidui and couldn’t help but want to pay his respects. Xudong, who had just been on the top of Zeduo Mountain, was rather “despicable”, but after going down the mountain, he actually regained his energy and even had the strength to jump up and take pictures.

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When approaching Xinduqiao, the highway two There are more Tibetan-style buildings on the side, the roofs are raised at four corners, and the square and thick walls are probably designed to keep out the cold. Arrived at Xinduqiao 318 Campground at 10:00 this morning. Today’s journey is relatively short. I bask in the sun at the campground and shoot some materials. There are not many cars in the campsite during the day. Camping is 35 yuan a day, and 50 yuan includes electricity. In the evening, many cars, cyclists and backpackers will come here one after another to spend the night as a transfer station. In the evening, a family came to the camp and drove a Chase V80 light passenger, but the seats in the car were removed and a lot of supplies were brought. Basically, there are four people living in the car and two in the tent. all the way to Tibet. Seeing people from different areas gather at the campsite because of common hobbies, I suddenly feel that everyone has different means of transportation, but they all have a heart that yearns for freedom.

Because the campsite lights are too strong, it is not conducive to shooting the stars, we specially I drove to a darker place, and finally captured the long-lost starry sky. Unexpectedly, there are stillThe Milky Way, in the city for a long time, looking at the stars seems to be an extravagant hope, returning to the original state has a kind of open-mindedness of “returning to nature”.

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July 25th, in the morning we started from Xinduqiao Depart from the camp and head to Litang. Today’s highlight is climbing all the way, passing the famous eighteen bends of the Tianlu Road, passing the 4,200-meter Scissorbend Mountain and the 4,718-meter-high Karazi Mountain, basically going up and down the mountain all day. The scenery is still blue sky, white clouds, meadows, and vegetation in a mixed zone of coniferous forests. On the way, we were resting in the parking area. A native asked us very friendly if we wanted to stop for dinner, etc. We said that we would only stay for a few minutes. But don’t be rubbish. Seeing us driving a Ford pickup truck, I couldn’t help but get in the car to take a look. He also took a photo with the trailer. He said that he was very envious of this kind of life, but the more than 1,000 yaks at home did not People take care of it, let’s be a simple herdsman.

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I made a simple curry beef rice at the entrance of a village called Kangba Hanzi at noon and set off early in the morning , Everyone was hungry, and a pot of rice was eaten up. In the middle of the road, I used the drop between the road and the ground to test the departure angle of this Dachi RV. Since the wheelbase reaches 3450mm, the rear overhang is relatively short, and the passability is relatively good. There is no support, as can be seen in the photo The gap is bigger.

On the way to Litang, bikers, motorcycles There are more and more people traveling and pushing carts to Tibet on foot. Either way, we have to admire them, because driving at high altitudes will cause dizziness, and they arrive alone. Tibet, this requires a strong heart and perseverance. I entered Litang County in the evening and took a photo of the night scene. Although this small county town is not large, its population is relatively concentrated. In order to cope with the cold when entering Tibet in the future, my colleague While we were still working, Brother Yu quietly brought us warmth – 3 pieces of camouflage cotton clothes. Thanks to Brother Yu, he was the logistical support for our trip.