21RV Sichuan-Tibet Travel|Climb over Zheduo Mountain at an altitude of 4280 meters to reach Xinduqiao

On July 24, I left Kangding early in the morning and arrived at Xinduqiao Campground at 10 am. In the middle of the journey, we climbed the Zheduo Mountain with an altitude of 4280 meters. The temperature of Zheduo Mountain in the morning is only about 5 degrees, which is a challenge for both cars and people. The Dachi Manniu RV has no obvious attenuation in power, everything is normal, and the personnel I had a slight headache, and as I arrived at Xinduqiao, the altitude would reach more than 3,300 meters, and the discomfort diminished. Today’s journey is less, taking pictures of the car at the camp, basking in the sun, and taking pictures of the stunning starry sky and the Milky Way at night, it’s a worthwhile trip.

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